Preview of Community: Quotes Galore!

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Yes, we're as excited as anyone with a sense of humor for this Thursday night's season premiere of The Office.

But we're equally psyched for the sitcom that debuts after Michael Scott and company, as Joel McHale and Chevy Chase led a hilarious cast in NBC's Community.

The show centers around a mismatched group of students that form a study group at Greenville Community College. If this sounds at all like The Breakfast Club, well, the show addresses that similiarity in an hysterial manner right off the bat.

The Study Group

To help viewers look forward to the new series, check out the following Community quotes, all of which will be uttered on the episode to come:

Pierce: Sexually harassing? That makes no sense to me. Why would I harass someone that turns me on? | permalink
Jeff: There's a guy trying out for the track team that is older than the game of poker. | permalink
Jeff: I did a little bit of lying to get close to you. I mean, you look like Elisbaeth Shue. | permalink
Pierce: Abed the Arab? Is that inappropriate?
Abed: Sure. | permalink
Abed: This is kinda like Breakfast Club, right?
Pierce: Is there breakfast? | permalink
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Community Quotes

Me and Abed have an agreement. If one of us dies, we stage it to look like a suicide caused by the unjust cancellation of Firefly. We're gonna get that show back on the air buddy!


Annie: When you found out I was Jewish, you invited me to a 'pool party' that turned out to be a Baptism.
Shirley: Well excuse me for trying to sneak you into Heaven.