Private Practice Spoilers: The Baby is Missing

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So we know Violet survives on Private Practice. Every single report and teaser from the set has confirmed this for about three months, and besides, like they were going to kill Amy Brenneman off the show. She is way too awesome. Come on.

But here are three things about about Season 3 premiere on Thursday, October 1 that we definitely did not see coming but TV Guide hints cryptically this afternoon ...

  • The episode also includes a funeral.
  • Violet may be alive, but she is in bad shape.
  • Her baby boy, father still unknown, is missing.

How is this all connected? What does it mean for the future of the little guy and his mom? We'll have to wait and find out when the Grey's Anatomy spinoff returns.

Push, Violet!

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It can't be Pete's wife, Violet didn't know him then and she was at the funeral.


Im guessing it was pete's wife since everyone looked young-


I'm betting the funeral is Pete's wife (Anna?), per flashback.


I don't think that Shonda would kill off yet another young male actor, but you never know??!!?


I think Katie took the baby, but Violet will eventually get him back. I read somewhere that Violet's biggest adjustment this season is adjusting to being a mom. I have no clue who the funeral will be for, my first thought was Noah, since we know his character isn't coming back, though his wife is. But I agree, it would be a really stupid way to get rid of his character. Can't wait for it to be on so we can stop guessing!


If the baby is missing, does that mean that Katie succeeded? Or does it mean that Vi actually gave birth? It's not surprising that Violet is in bad shape, that was to be expected. But the baby thing is weird. And what is with Shonda and funerals this fall? GA will start with George's funeral, PrPr will start with A funeral. Whose? Maybe a patient's? The only character I can think of is Heather, Dell's drug-addicted girlfriend. Noah should NOT leave the show by dying - that would be stupid. Hoping for some details in the coming weeks.

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