The Beautiful Life Recap: "Pilot"

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The pilot episode of The Beautiful Life was surprisingly fast-paced, with dark story lines, edgy filming and some hot new characters that were even a little bit likable.

There was also some dialogue that we think a 12-year-old probably wrote, tons of cliches and the unintentional comedy that is Mischa Barton. So it was hit or miss.

What went down on last night's The Beautiful Life: TBL? Follow the link for our detailed pilot episode guide, and tell us what you think by leaving comments below.

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Raina (Sara Paxton) and Chris (Ben Hollingsworth) are models with hearts of gold.

There were plenty of cheesy lines last night, without question, but that doesn't mean they were all bad. Among our favorite The Beautiful Life quotes from the evening were...

Chris: I'm not cut out for this.
Raina: Is anyone? | permalink
Cole: Enjoying your date?
Chris: It's not a date. Simon's just helping me get started.
Cole: Yeah. Pretty sure you're the only one who believes that. | permalink
Marisa: [on Sonja] Pathetic. She's so over. | permalink
Raina: [to Chris] Just relax. Listen to the music. Imagine you're in the shower. Shut your eyes. You're in the shower. The water's warm. Can you feel it? Breathe in the heat. The stem. Let the warm water fall ... all around you. Open your eyes. | permalink
Marisa: [to Raina] Get used to it - every model in New York hating you. You're having your moment. | permalink
Sonja: Don't you dare feel sorry for me. This'll be you in a few years. Just you wait. | permalink
Chris: Everyone who lives here's a model?
Raina: Crazy right? You okay?
Chris: Yeah, it's just, everything's moving kinda fast.
Raina: Welcome to New York. | permalink

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it was awesome!..agreed with your statement David..


It was ok, but I dont understand how you can say Mischa Barton was bad? She was good on this show, way better then Ben Hollignsorth, i dont think they could have casted a duller actor...