The Young and the Restless Spoilers: September 28 - October 2

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The Young and the Restless says goodbye to one month, and hello to another, with the following storylines next week...

  • Daniel, Amber, Kevin and Jana struggle to fulfill the end of the bargain with Deacon.
  • Nikki asks the Abbotts for a favor.
  • Adam (Michael Muhney, pictured) does all he can to make things right for Ashley.
  • Kay makes Jill a job offer.
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I too am totally disgusted with the storylines on The Young and the Restless and think that the writers are idiots. This once classic soap has been turned into a tasteless mess. I cannot stomach the baby stealing. How can they be so heartless? Sharon and Nick have already sufferd the loss of a daughter. What about Cassie's prophecy and gift to them? And the last straw is the dismissing of Eric Braeden or whatever they are doing with his character. They have absolutley no regard for this man's contribution to this show. I'm done.


These writers really need to do something original. I hate it when I follow a story, stick with the characters and there is no payoff for the viewer. We have sat and watched this Adam crap for too long and Sharon has come up with the short end of the stick too many times. It would have been much more interesting to let Sharon have twins, with Nick as the father of one and Jack as the father of the other. Much more conflict there than with this BS baby switch. Ashley is the dumbest character of all time and Adam is right behind her. I agree with the rest, I am done until this show gets back on track, and gives the viewers some satisfaction.


I have been watching Y&R since the mid 70's but I cannot believe how it has changed so much. Baby switching etc. it is not wonder why a lot of soaps are becoming extinct. Colleen's death, a strong person like Ashley going crazy and believing that she was actually pregnant without noticing the baby move and I do believe that she was unable to get pregnant. I personally do not want to watch a show that is so out there that is not believable. Everyone could take a lesson from Coronation Street where the characters seem very real to us we want a show that on some basis we can relate to.


Yes, Yes, I agree with ALL the comments above. This soap is getting to far out for me. I am a senior and have been watching for many years, but this story line is to much for me to take. I am done with the Young and the Restless...Bye-bye


I was watching this show for many years so what's appen to sharon
was really insane .Tell me that sharon and nick going to have their
baby girl or not I'll watching it anymore.


when i saw what adam was doing it upset me so badly and then i had to catch myself and remember where i was. it was so disgusting, nasty, lo down, just down right wrong. please give sharon her child back. with the way this is going i'm scared to get pregnant and have a child, it makes me think doctors will let things like this happen forreal. i want to get at adam my d*** self and teach him a thing or two and ashley is so stupid every woman who has had a child before knows the after effects and she doesnt have any. this is just sick count me out two until i hear from someone that sharon got her baby back before its too late.


I have been watching for 30 years, and I am officially DONE. Sharon has beeen thru so much already, losing Cassie, her other baby, etc. I HATE Adam, both the character and the actor who plays him. The whole thing is creepy and sick, and totally unbelievable. Goodbye Y&R


i have been watching Y/R since i was a little girl and the baby switch has to be the MOST sickening storyline i have ever seen. The things that are going on in the show are close to being believable(Adam basically blind delivering a baby, NO blood, a lock down at a mental hospital no doctors in site,Sharon goes in labor at the same time Ashley does but no cell phones or room phone for her to call Nick). I will stop watching this show along with my Mom and friend. The writers are acting like Adam...BLIND!!!!!!


I have watched this show since i was 15 i'm now 36. I'm so upset that the writers have done this to such a good show. i'll stop watching this show if they don't put the baby back with Sharon the true mother. We have enough thats wrong in the world to put up with such stuff like this on t.v.


It's bad enough that the baby switch happened, now Victor is leaving.
As far as I'm concerned to many good actors have left. The show has'nt been the same for awhile. I'm not going to continue to view this sickness. Y&R has turned into a sick circus.
I wish they would get it back together, it's ashamed to see Y&R going, but I think it's well on it's way. I've been a viewer for over 25 years, get it together guys!

The Young and the Restless Quotes

That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.


She didn't lose the baby. The baby was taken from her. And I'll find the person responsible.

Victor Newman