Two Sneak Previews of "Dan de Fleurette"

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Here are a pair of sneak previews from next week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Dan de Fleurette." In the first, Jenny lives! And possibly plots with Chuck!

See below and leave a comment with your thoughts ...

[video url="" title="Dan de Fleurette Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip from the episode, in which Tyra Banks is featured (as we discussed in our Round Table, this has elicited some mixed reviews) ...

[video url="" title="Dan de Fleurette Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

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I must say this, Whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa. The arguments between Chair lovers and haters is out of control!Honestly, let's have Hilary Duff wander on to the show promoting wellness and cart everyone off to a comune where they eat wheat grass and everyone has GRAPHIC, DETAILED SEX with everyone. Chuck, Jenny, Blair, Nate, Dan, Serena, Lily, Dorota, Eric, Jonathan, Rufus, Scott, Scott's parents, Cece, Alison, zombie Bart Bass, Jack Bass, the doorman, Eleanor, Cyrus, Aaron, Chair doppelgangers from the snowflake ball... Georgie, the dancers from Victrola, Carter, Bree, the entire Vanderbilt and Buckley Clan, Lord Marcus and his twisted lover mother...Ect, ect Why don't they all just jump on top of each other and have one giant love pile? Because really the show's heading for this kind of crap.


Jenny damnnn! you're grown & you are looking so HOT & Gorgeous ♥ & L-O-L, FTW!! To Tyra Banks, She is so Damn! FUNNY & GOOD :D


I prefer to see Chuck hooking up with Nate and not with Vanessa. Please, this chick has to go away and FAST, please. Or just be with Scott or Dan or Idk some random guy but NOT Chuck, pretty please.


even if Chair break up I dont think it would be for long...if they make it too long the ratings will surely go down and by the time they reconcile again, people might already have a Chair withdrawal...could be they've found another fave couple from another the loss would be on GG!


do you guys know if there are any Blair and Chuck scenes in this ep?


the tryaa one!!! lmao funny sneak preview
and i like the first one to with jenny and chuck =]
cute moment!!
and chuck and vanessa no lol. but thats okay!


yeah i kinda wonder whats gonna happen when blair and chuck break up. and yeah it would be funny to see chuck in his old ways again hahahahaha! can't wait for next week


chuck and v?
but it's ok everyone have diff opinions :)
and it'll be kinda exciting I guess to c chuck with other people. don't hate me =]
I'm still for chair all the way ~ ~


i hope chuck gets action from anotherrr girll [=
chuck and jenny!!!! orrr chuck and v.


Ok, im just going to pretend i didnt see all of those comments about chuck and jenny.
i mean, seriously?
what the fuck is going with you?

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