Ugly Betty Clip: Fourth Season Premiere

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Fans of Ugly Betty may need to wait until October 9 for the show to premiere its fourth season, but we can offer two pieces of comforting news at least:

  1. The episode will be two hours long;
  2. In it, Betty will make like Sydney Bristow in Alias and Neo in The Matrix, all at once!

Lynn Redgrave and Kristen Johnson also guest star on the opening episode, a clip from which - that will make the second point above far more sensical- we've posted below:

[video url="" title="Ugly Betty Season Four Clip"] [/video]

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Ugly Betty Quotes

We have to distract her, does anyone have a six foot hoagie?

Amanda [about Betty]

Wilhelmina: Who did you work, Shapiro?
Fabia: Fabia has had no work done
Wilhelmina: Please there's enough left over skin from your surgeries to make a bed for my cat