Violet to Survive, Katie to Be Tried on Private Practice

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The Season Two finale of Private Practice ended with one of the most disturbing images in recent prime time TV history as Amy Brenneman's character, Violet Turner, was drugged and about to be cut open by some loon who wanted to yoink her baby.

But we know that Violet survives. She will come through. After all, Amy is back on the set, and they wouldn't dispatch one of their characters in such fashion.

Plus, you know Shonda Rhimes and her flair for the dramatic. While she loves a good cliffhanger, she also loves giving away spoilers / plot details in advance.

As for how she survives, look for Addison and Pete to help her pull through in the Private Practice season premiere October 1, according to E! Online reports.

The other good news? Katie Kent (Amanda Foreman), the crazy lady who was going to do the ridiculous C-section, is apprehended and on trial by November.

Messed Up Private Practice Finale Scene

In case you couldn't get this out of your head already.

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omg screw that girl she is psycho i am so mad that they didnt put that girl in a psych ward when voilet suggested it like omg i cant believe someone would have the mind to do it the balls to stare at that nasty insides of a prego girl i cant believe she caused such harm like it isnt your baby get over it and i know this is just tv but who has the mind to even make up something this big and horrid must have a twisted mind no offense to the writter but i just cannot believe this i am watching the season premiere now and i am like so like omg what is going to happen


I wonder if we will see Pete cry, over the fear of losing his new love. He is so talented, and so is Amy Brenneman. It will be a heartbreaking episode. I love Pete and Violet.


Thanks for news. I knew that they wouldn't kill Violet, but it's still nice to have confirmation :) I'm glad to hear that maybe we will see Pete to do some serious medical action. It's about time. I love Pete, he is my favorite character. I hope for some good storylines for him the next season. Some big drama, so Tim Daly can show his fantastic acting skills.


Good news - especially the Addie/Pete helping Vi pull through! Only a month left!!


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