90210 Episode Stills from "Women's Intuition"

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The bad news: there's no new episode of 90210 tonight.

The good news: The CW has released a slew of photos from next week's installment, titled "Women's Intuition."

Based on the pics below, we can make the following assertions about developments in the episode:

  • Teddy and Silver continue to grow close;
  • Annie continues to hang with Jasper;
  • Samantha Ronson and musical group N.E.R.D. guest star;
  • Navid tries to move on from Adrianna.

Get excited for the episode by discussing it in our 90210 forum with fellow fans - and click on the photos below for an early look at scenes from it...

Random Guest Star
Ryan with Jen
Yay Pharrell!
With Jasper
Ivy and Teddy
Annie and Navid
Women Around Navid
Hot Silver
Pharrell Williams on 90210
Liam the Loner
Awkward Trio

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Actually I think that Silver and Teddy should be together. They look kinda cute together and they can help each other out since they've have similar ties. And if they can't be together, then they should at least be best friends. That's all I have to say. Seddy (Tilver) together 4ever. jk, mayb.


the kinda do look good together. I think its gonna be hot because it's so much sexual tension between those two.


noway mel!! teddy/silver don't look good with eachother.. just watch season 1
silver/dixon looks so adorable with each other.. i want them back


I kinda like the teddy-silver thing. Just think it would be weird if they'd start to date seriously cuz he didn't want anything with ade?? And SCREW IVY!!


NO 8th episode tonight!! uGHHH
what im gonna do now?? im so bore


NO NO NO NO!!! plz don't do that!!!
silver and teddy looks so ewwww with each other
plz make dixon/silver together at anyhow
they really look so nice together
make teddy with ivy

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.