David Gregory: Returning to One Life to Live

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David A. Gregory is coming back to Llanview.

The actor, who appeared for two episodes as reality show producer Ford, will appear in December again on One Life to Live. No word yet on how many installments he'll appear on.

David Gregory

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I love you on OLTL though not the type of guy your character plays...You are freakn SEXY!!! I live in Alaska and I didn't know hot guys existed here until i saw you on oltl


David, great to see you back on the show. now that me Dave is gone, you are the sexiest man alive and I think we should do luch sometime if your ever in Cleveland again. I can't believe you went to college in my home town and we didn't hook up. I have your number so maybe i'll give you a call. Love the Ford character, he's just too smooth and that voice gets me every time yoy speak. I know you signed a one year contract so you will survive that recent attack. So (how done it)? Will your part or character be changed in any way. I also understand you have a movie your working on with Reese witherspoon and I can't wait to see it. I see nothing but big things in your future and i'll be rooting for you all the way. Stay hot-n-sexy for the ladies, we love you shirtless and we wish that towel would drop. I love water by the way, so you had me from hello so to speak with that water bucket scene. keep it real,,, Tena


I loved David Gregory as Ford what is last name is I what to know


He is soo sexy! every man should look like that.


Ford is gorgeous!!! Thats the only reason i watch the show!!! LOL


David A. Gregory is so handsome!!!! The perfect addition to OLTL!! and he will bring an intresting story to the whole Marco and Langston story... He is the sexiest ever to be on OLTL


I read that he signed a contract with the show so hopefully he will be on it for a while. He is a terrific addition to the show!

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