Ed Westwick Covers Arena Homme Plus

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Shirtless Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick is featured on the Winter/Spring 2009/2010 cover of Arena Homme Plus, and suffice it to say, he is looking hot.

The 22-year-old who plays Chuck Bass, and who will guest star on Californication this Sunday, sure has been raising his profile in recent months.

Check out the magazine cover below, which was apparently shot at some point before he acquired the massive amounts of new ink on his arms.

We're issuing a swoon alert ...

Ed Westwick: Arena Homme Plus

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Whoop Whoop!


ew not hot here...


Jessica Szorh is one lucky sister!


annoying!!! hate this!!


The pose is weird and awkward, and I don't feel the tatoos at all (at least not the new ones, I'm kinda used to the old ones), but damn he's hot! I loved this photoshoot ♥


i'd hang this on my wall. its kinda weird but kinda cool.


His face looks gorgeous but the photographer chose a weird pose I think. BTW, all the other pictures of Ed inside this magazine are amazing!


i love ed, ugly photo..what's up with the gay pose??

Fackin alpha

Completely disgusting and offensive, I may just sue this magazine for the 10 seconds of unbearable trauma they just put my eyes through.


OMG!!! he is the hottest men of the world he looks a little like Javier Bardem love him (L)


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