Extended Promo For "The Grandfather: Part II"

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Here's a slightly longer version of the first promo we posted earlier today for next week's "The Grandfather: Part II." This could be one of the craziest in awhile.

Picking up where we left off last night, it looks like there's major, catty tension building between Blair and Serena, with Nate possibly caught in the middle.

Take a look at the promo below and tell us what you predict will happen - and what you hope to see transpire when Gossip Girl returns next week ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-grandfather-part-ii-extended-promo/" title="The Grandfather: Part II Extended Promo"] [/video]

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I absolutely agree with "SerenaVDW" and "Love S".
I have no idea how S can even stand B! She's constantly making her feel like shit but we all saw who came out on top! S is the one with the job, and on everyone (but B's) good side. Ever wondered why B has no friends? She's so fucking elitist it's stopped being funny. Shes started behaving like a "fickle female" as it was pointed out above very rightly.
Whenever S did anything wrong to be (in my opinion, only sleeping with Nate was really terrible) she always made up for it. But B is so self-centered, childish, whiny and immature this season, it's pissing me off.
I want the old B! The one we all liked.


she doesn´t help serena, she almost make her lost her job. she knew how important it was for serena to impress her boss, she use her only to carry her celebrity friends and then leave her to deal with the police. Luckily at that stupid KC liked, but still blair doesn't take seriously serena's job and use her and tha's why S is angry.


Okay, don't look at this from a 'real-life- perspective. If Blair Waldorf was not a bitch, she wouldn't be Blair Waldorf! Plus, without bitchiness, the show is nothing! Also, Blair knew what she was doing with calling the cops. It made the party a hit, which actually HELPS Serena as well as it does Chuck. Serena's probably put out that she's not the 'relevant' one. The whole Blair calling Jack was out of character and frankly, hard to believe. Blame the writers. TEAM BLAIR! TEAM BLAIR! TEAM BLAIR! PS. Guy jumping in water is Tripp, I'm guessing it's a publicity stunt to show how he's a good samaritan for his campaign. Also, urghh.. Vanessa is back...

Love s

Serena has never been an aggressive person, she comes to the physical only when someone really pissed her off, examples: 1x03 - Blair in the field hockey, constantly fouls to serena. 2x06 - the yale thing, the pete thing, the purse, the shoving... and well in 1x18 - here is against georgie but dan stop her. i can't wait the next monday!


I doubt Chuck is going to be that upset. He will porbably just argue with Serena about why she did that, but I don't think him and Blair will plot against Serena. Because Chuck knows what Blair did caused harm to Serena, and he loves Serena he wouldn't want her to suffer because she took revenge when it was deserved.


Serena didn't harm Blair in any way by staying with Chuck (well maybe she hurt her pride, but nothing else). She was just helping Chuck while trying to teach a lesson to Blair by showing that what she had done was wrong (calling Jack). On the other hand, Blair didn't care if Serena lost her job because of her stupid plan. I mean, if she hadn't called Jack, Chuck's opening would have probably been even better... but she had to mess everything up. She can't help it... it's who she is and I find it entertaining and funny for a series, but if you have some kind of logic Serena is right here... I mean after sleeping with Nate (which was terrible, I admit) she didn't do anything bad to Blair... instead Blair always calls her a slut and dumb... If she really thinks that about S why is she still her friend?


Team Blair of course! Yes, Blair is a bitch, but we all know that, and so does serena...chuck said something to blair that even hurt me. This whole, I couldnt say I love you cause I cant trust you and then blair maybe needed her bff on her side and to see that not even your best friend is on your side can be painfull. So if my bff would choose my boyfriend over me, I would be sooo pissed off...Loooveee Blair!!!


I'm actually loving both of them being friends but if I've to choose I'm definitely team BLAIR all the way!


@iLOVEchair Next time you comment, can you at least try to type something comprehensible? So because Serena wanted to be there her step-brother, that gave Blair permission to screw over her JOB? Are you kidding me? Blair's "You chose Chuck, now I'm doing the same" excuse was the most ridiculos thing I've heard from her yet - and that's saying somehing. Serena didn't choose Chuck over Blair - she was trying to simultaneously comfort Chuck while showing Blair that yes, what she did was wrong. Blair, on the other hand, made the conscious decision to screw over her best friend, knowing full well that Serena would most likely get fired; and Blair showed no remorse for her selfish course of action. I don't understand how you could possibly conceive Serena as being the one in the wrong for merely caring about the mental welfare of her step-brother; where Blair's action was inherently inconsiderate and selfish.


@Claire Taking everything so seriously? Blair risked Serena's JOB for her boyfriend. If anything, I don't think Blair is taking it seriously enough. It doesn't matter that "that's her personality". That's not even remotely a good excuse. The same way Blair shouldn't have used Chuck for her own selfish uses, she shouldn't have used Serena. I can't stand Blair this season. She's childish, immature, and self-centered. Before, I could ignore these attributes because she was also brilliantly evil, but now she's just another regular annoying, fickle female.

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