FlashForward: A Dead President, A Confusing Text and More

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FlashForward traveled to D.C. this week, taking an assortment of developments and questions with it.

While the episode focused mainly on Mark's hazy vision and Stan's shady relationship with various players in the nation's capital, it still managed to create new mysteries all around.


A few hours, and a good night's sleep, behind us since "Gimme Some Truth" aired, these are the questions foremost on our minds:

  • Will the President be dead by the time April 29, 2010 rolls around?
  • Who sent that text message to Olivia?
  • Is Janis really a goner?
  • Why doesn't Demetri go hide out in a cabin, with a gun aimed at the door on March 15, for the next few months?
  • Is Aaron supposed to have an accent or not?!?
  • Will Olivia confront Mark about his drinking?

Have any answers, or theories, regarding these issues? We'd love to hear them!

You can also take a quick look at next week's episode, "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps," right now!

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I am also fed up! ^^


whoa my spelling sucks


No the president probably won't be dead by April 29th appears as he had a flashforward, Also I doubt very mush Janis will be dead as she had a flashforard too showing her having a sonagram, The Show wouldn't have Janis die as it would show the flashforwards don't always come true which would basicvally void the whole point of the show. Is anyone else fed up with Demitri stomping around with his whole 'I'm going to die' vibe, I am