Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

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You knew it was coming.

Best friends forever but frequent enemies ever since we've known them, the lovely Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are totally feuding again.

Last episode's drama looks like nothing compared to what's to come in "The Grandfather, Part II." Neither girl is without fault ... or ready to back down.

We love them both, but if you're forced to take a side, who do you go with? We're curious to see where Gossip Girl fan opinion lies. Tell us below ...

A Couple of Hotties

Whose side are you on (if forced to pick)?

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Totally team Blair.
Why? I have nothing against serena except for the fact that her self-rightiousness is getting on my last nerve, and she is way over-reacting. I love em both and i would bawl my eyes out if Blake Lively left the show.
Those two reasons, plus Blair has always been my favourite and i'm standing by her now!
Team Blair Babyyyy!


i agree with everything you said! S annoys me. Both the series and the books (esp. the books) described S as a fun & carefree person who got everything she wanted but she was never self righteous or annoying but in the series? well. don't get me wrong, i love the show but i just think that the writers totally went the other way.


@Missy While I do believe that some people vote for Blair because, well, she's Blair, you can't draw the assumption that all of us vote her for the same reason. Take me, for example, I voted team Blair because I honestly think Blair is right- Serena totally over-reacted. Furthermore, I voted Blair because I'm sick of Serena's self-righteousness. She always thinks that she's right, but has often ended up eating her own words. Looking back to season 1, remember how judgmental Serena was upon finding out about Blair and Chuck? And then she quoted back to Blair saying, "I thought you wanted to wait". Look who's calling the kettle black. In season 2, when the GG blast went out the night of the play, she assumed it was Blair, stormed off in a self-righteous fit, only to find out it wasn't Blair. Going to the current situation, Serena is a bit of a hypocrite. She expects her wants to take precedent over everyone else's, and expects Blair to put aside her relationship issues with Chuck because she thinks her short-term job is more important. Really, Serena has no business using the whole, "My job is my responsibility" clause. Lets take a look at her history: Cut school, was besties with Georgina, partied with Poppy Lifton, went to Spain against her mother's wishes, skipped out on and Ivy league, and suddenly, she expects people to take her whole "i want to be responsible" thing seriously. I'm not saying Blair is and angel, or that Serena totally bad. But i just think, that for this one, Blair wins, hands down.


@leightonlover Serena didn't start the fight by "choosing Chuck first" All you Team Blairs seem to be missing the point. Serena was working for Chuck trying to make his club opening amazing. Blair went behind Chuck's back and contacted JACK BASS OF ALL PEOPLE. I think that's a way more serious offense than just choosing to stay by Chuck's side, who happens to be employing Serena to make his club opening a huge success.


@kanam I don't know if you have seen the same episode that I have seen it !! serena began the fight when she sided with chuck first .. and you know blair's personlaity she will do sth about that ..and even she went to talk to Serena but serena was a little bit overreacted !

Charlotte waldorf

Team Blair...Not because like some here are saying that Serena is a slut and Blair is awesome
Seriously,I LOVE both,and I think both have their defects,It what makes that friendship so entertaning to watch
But about the fight,what I didn't get why Serena continued mad at Blair? I mean,I know when she found out,she thought that it would be bad for her job (I don't know how or why she still have it,but anyway...),but then turns out to be something good,and her night was almost perfect
Why after all that drama: "Oh!I want to prove myself to KC,and prove everyone that I can do something on my own,and this job wasn't handed me like everything of my life,and I'm really working hard this time,kissing clients,telling Olivia who she can or can't date...I mean,pretty serious stuff...You know?"
Why after all that she didn't go to Blair and said she over reacted a little? I mean,both of them were wrong,when Serena decided to take Chuck's side wasn't because she was supporting him,she was thinking about her "carrer",she was thinking about herself
So,like I said,I don't support Blair because "Oh!She's my favorite!And I LOOOVE Chair!" like some are saying here,but simply because,IMO,when Blair does something wrong,Serena can never forgive her;but when Serena does something wrong-and usually is something really really wrong-,It doesn't take much to Blair forgive her...
I think Serena likes to put Blair in this position of "mean" person,then she never feels bad about herself for doing pretty bad stuff to her friends *sorry about my english,btw


LMAO. IDK why I'm even posting here since most girls on here are 13 year old who have no judgement of their own. I mean "I dont care what goes on on the show I'm team BLAIR all the way!!!!!!!!!" really? I mean seriously?!!!
Blair who is so called Serena's "best friend" completely disregarded Serena's seriousness concerning her job because of her obsession with Chuck. And her problem was mainly her fault for lying to Chuck in the first place anyway.
What did Serena do to Blair to deserve that? Pls dont bring up Nate or her choosing Chuck. Blair said she forgave Serena for Nate and Chuck- S was only choosing her job over Blair's childish hissy fits. If Blair is always allowed to be a bitch to Serena and screw her over because of Chuck then why call that a friendship? While Blair's as a friend supposed to support Serena, she's completely absorbed in her childish problems and neurotic lifestyle.
If Blair doesnt show some remorse soon or the writers dont fix her character, I who used to be a BIG BLAIR FAN and I'm not overstating it her will be seriously pissed off.


I'm going to have to go with S for this one. Let's not call anyone stupid, most of the insults (i.e. slut, immature) could easily be used to describe both girls


I hate when people just accusing Chair/Blair fan of being biased or blind. We all have our own opinion. Do you really think that everyone would think the same? That everyone should follow your opinion or the idea you have for the character? The worst thing is there's someone goes to the extent of saying "how stupid they are" to other fans. What's your point? She's just loyal to Blair. Is there any wrong in being loyal? Don't use the word immature, when you clearly have no clue what it means.


Why even choose a side we know how it will end. I think it goes something like this, both girl get a few good jabs at eachother than something bigger will happen(most likely the cake thing) then they will make up. Maybe the writers will have S approach B and apologize this time to create an unsuspecting twist. Wow shocker. In the end we know they will be friends again in atleast three more episodes that's how it always happens. GG fans should know better than to pick sides and argue since it will be for nothing.


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