Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

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You knew it was coming.

Best friends forever but frequent enemies ever since we've known them, the lovely Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are totally feuding again.

Last episode's drama looks like nothing compared to what's to come in "The Grandfather, Part II." Neither girl is without fault ... or ready to back down.

We love them both, but if you're forced to take a side, who do you go with? We're curious to see where Gossip Girl fan opinion lies. Tell us below ...

A Couple of Hotties

Whose side are you on (if forced to pick)?

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    i love blair. but for this episode she's already done too much. she already heard say that he doesn't want blair near his plans, but still she put her foot in it. she should respect chuck's decision if she really really wants to win back his trust again. :)


    blair for sure... actually i also thought serena is nice, but i just love blair...
    and i remember last season when serena doesn't believe blair in the episode where they have this theater thing, i know blair is annoying this time but i think she really have this family problem and she doesn't have a friend i think thats why she's so manipulative to get the attention of everyone...


    I'm sorry, but how stupid are you guys? Seriously, how lame? "Team B even though I like S I'll always be team B because I liked her first"
    WTF? Blair was in the wrong here and you guys are so freakin biased that no one can see it! JUST BECAUSE you like C and B together doesn't mean that it's alright for B to screw her friend over! Why is she so whiny and lame the entire time? "Oh poor me, poor rich girl" And please, what problems does she have? Her mom doesn't pay attention and she's not the most popular girl in school? Countless people have the same problem, do you see them all lashing out at people who are less financially secure and at their BFF's for that? I'm sorry but her ridiculous "hierarchy" crap is just getting to me.
    She needs to grow the heck up and you guys need to stop being so biased.


    team Serena of course! i adore B but she always think of herself first rather than think of others' feelings... she's just lucky S and C are always there for her,,,


    TEAM BLAIR FTW. Also, I have a feeling this show will have the same fate as the OC.


    BLAIR BITCHES serena sucksss


    Serena is soooooooooooooo beautiful but also sooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid.She always makes troubles and her friends solve for her .She is a moron.


    Totally team Blair
    Serena is a bitch and a whore


    In real life ,no one wants to be a friend with Serena who always take everything from you.Same on the show.
    Blair maybe a bitch ,but Serena is more bitch.
    Blair is a good friend to Serena ,she can do anything for her,but Serena ? not so much ,she only cares for her toy boys . Airhead Serena is total a slut


    lol i know is a show, but have you read the latest comments? most of them are extremely rhetorical.