Gilles Marini Speaks on Brothers & Sisters Role

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As fans of the Sex and the City movie know well, Gilles Marini is a pretty face with an even prettier body.

But his guest-starring stint on Brothers & Sisters, which kicked off last night, is about more than mere looks. As Luc Laurent, Marini could be The One for Sarah, Marini told TV Guide recently.

"It's more than a fling. He's different than her past [significant others]. It's a beautiful relationship between them," the actor said. "Going into the filming of the fifth episode, there was a lot of talk of me coming back, so you may not see the last of Luc."

A Sexy Slow Dance

Last night, Marini debuted on the show, trekking to California to prove that he's the real deal for Sarah.

As he tries to woo the woman he met in France, Luc will pitch in at home and at work, tasks that are typically beneath the successful painter.

"But it doesn't matter because he does everything for her because he's just madly in love with her," Marini said. "We concentrated on the fact that he is there for her. Sometimes people who do that are seen with an agenda, but this guy just doesn't have one. She realizes she has to look outside of the box and understand different people."

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