Gossip Girl Round Table: "Dan de Fleurette"

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As fans sound off in our Dan de Fleurette" include memorable lines, guest stars, the glory that is Chair, the reign of Jenny and next week's wedding ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Did Chuck really cite Dumbo at the end? That clearly wins.

Gossip Guy: Look, I live in Florida so pretty much all I wear is sandals, but I'm sorry, every line related to this by Chuck and and Blair was priceless. Chuck: "What do you expect from a place where men wear sandals?" Blair: "By the way, sandals are not shoes!" Good stuff.

Mister Meester: I loved Chuck's overdramatic, inspiring pep talk to Jenny, the girl from Brooklyn "who went toe-to-toe with Blair Waldorf and actually won her respect. You can't tell me that girl still isn't there ... Now that the dream is real, you owe it to her to live it." Barack Obama would be proud.

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2. Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff: Good fun or cheap stunt?

DANdy: Good fun, for this reason: by starring opposite these dramatically-challenged stars, the acting skills of Blake Lively were actually on greater display than her cleavage. It was a welcome change. For one week at least.

Mister Meester: At least Tyra provided unintentional comedy with her overacting. I actually found much-maligned Hilary's character kind of cute with Dan.

Gossip Guy: Tyra Banks was beyond painful to watch. Now maybe it's because I've never seen Hilary Duff in her prior work, but I absolutely loved her. Maybe it's stunt casting to those Lizzie McGuire fans, but to me? It's was just an adorable girl I can't wait to see with Dan. Yeah, I said adorable.

3. Who did you miss most last night: Bree, Georgina, Carter, or Serena's cleavage?

Gossip Guy: Unfair. You can't put Serena's cleavage into that question an expect a serious answer out of Gossip Guy. If we removed that option, which we can never remove from my mind, I'd go with Carter. I really dig him and Serena together, unlike her publicity plot line.

Mister Meester: I missed all four, in the reverse order of how they are listed above. Girl was way too covered up last night thanks to her "job." On a serious note, I'm psyched to see how Bree and Carter know each other, and for more G drama.

DANdy: Bree. Unlike Lively, the less Chace Crawford has to act, the better. He - and viewers - are best served when he wears little clothing, which only happens these days when Bree is around.

4. What will Jenny's reign as Constance queen be like?

DANdy: Mostly like that of Latifah, minus the singing, body type, skin color and Oscar nomination.

Gossip Guy: Not sure if the annual Humphrey sleepover in the loft is going to have the same style as Blair's. Let's hope Rufus and Lily get married (see bonus question).

Mister Meester: It'd be wild if J, for all her talk of freedom and sunshine, became the biggest b!tch ever and ruled with an iron fist with Eric as her right-hand man.

J the Queen

Jenny tried to institute egalitarianism at Constance. For like 15 seconds.

5. Are Chuck and Blair more entertaining together than apart?

Gossip Guy: OMG are you still watching these two together? Still way entertaining. Chuck's whole motivational speech about how she's letting him down by giving up on winning over NYU? So amazingly narcissistic and something only Chuck could pull off. This couple proves they can still be themselves, entertaining, and in a relationship.

Mister Meester: It's close. Sometimes the heat of episodes like "The Dark Night," when their chemistry was still untapped but palpable, is lacking. But that's also normal. You can't deny that Chair as a couple has already provided some great moments without any will-they-or-won't-they drama.

DANdy: Yes. It's more impressive for the writers to come up with ways for the pair to face off, while still together and in love, than it is for them to be constantly fighting.

BONUS QUESTION: There's big drama coming up in next week's wedding episode. Will Lily and Rufus actually get married?

Mister Meester: I'm gonna say based on the promo that Georgia wrecks this for all involved and Rufus will not become Lily's fifth husband ... yet.

Gossip Guy: Maybe it's just the hormones from the pregnancy, but Lily's become a real #$%&. Why the hell is she blaming everything on Rufus while she's the one that disappeared on maternity leave... er, to take care of her mom? Let's hope Rufus can calm her down and lock this woman down.

DANdy: Lily and Rufus aren't married?!? Living in sin alert! Living in sin alert!


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Queen B is FINALLY back!! Missed it so much the last episodes...
Loved the episode!


The thing about Rufus and Lily getting married shouldn't even be a question. Has anyone even seen the promo pics for this episode AND the next. There's one of Rufus and Lily dancing, her in her (pink. ugh.) wedding dress which tends to happen after a wedding. Then there's the promo pic for 'Enough About Eve' where Lily has an engagement ring AND a wedding ring on, and Rufus is wearing a wedding ring. Plus, the whole 'Dan invites Olivia to meet Rufus and Lily' synopsis thing really confirms it. I hate how they're trying to make it all suspenseful when it's SO OBVIOUS that they're getting married.
Loving Chair, btw. Just thought I'd say that. They're a bit cheesy but still, I've waited for SO long that I won't complain. Also insanely happy to have Lily back, because she rocks. Three episodes of Rufus and no Lily is just cruel. Why couldn't it have been the other way around?


Dayana: Lily never married Danish Claus with a C, only German Klaus with a K. :P


love CB so much....


come on....is Nate still a part of this show???
...but he looks cute when he said.."....unbelievable"...hehe


Love Chair as always but most of chucks lines were wayyy too corny. His quote abt dumbo finding his feather (aka Blair finding her energy again) was very cute. =) I miss Carter with Serena...GG tends to forget abt many characters like explain where Carter was or something. I love Hillary. Especially as Olivia and with Dan. So cute! I really don't like Gorgie at all she annoys me...maybe if they had another actress so I don't mind when she's not around. The drama that comes from her is good tho gives the show some life when it dies down. Fave quote was def the sanal comments by Chair. I hope Lily and Rufus get married...they've waited so long!! And no Scott! He's weird and awkward!


1. blair's "sandals are not shoes line" was hilarious
2. i liked them i'm actually excited to see what they do with olivia and dan.
3.CARTER!!! him and serena are a gorgeous couple even though serena never seemed to notice he was missing
4.i think she's gonna be an awesome queen different to b but still good :)
5.love them together i think its equal the stuff they do apart his hilarious but when theyre together they are amazingly cute
6. they better no one can ruin this for them and lily better stop being so b****y xx


Tyra Banks...pshhh, what were they thinking?! She is a horrible actress and it just made the episode stupid. I was surprised by Hilary Duff though! She is sooo cute and funny. And the scene with Dan and Nate was great. Ahh Dan is so clueless!
I don't like this Scott and Georgina thing. I hope to go she doesn't ruin Lily and Rufus's wedding....although I am absolutely positive that is exactly what she has up her sleeve. WHORE.


Missed Serena's cleavage. =[


The fact that people don't know about Dumbo suggests that a) I'm too old to be writing this comment here, and b) the writers are a little old for their audience, too!

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