Gossip Girl Round Table: "Enough About Eve"

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Welcome to the weekly Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

As the Enough About Eve" include Nate's scheming skills, Chuck's dalliances, Carter's disappearance, Vanessa's ... um, existence and more:


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Pretty much anything out of Chuck's mouth, but I'll go with his calm reaction to kissing a man: Do you really think I've never kissed a guy before?

Gossip Guy: LOL, I dunno why, but I loved Blair going to Lily for maternal guidance and responded with, "Where'd you learn to give a pep talk, Guantanamo?" Speaking of which, WTH is Eleanor? She couldn't show up for Lily's wedding or Blair's toast? I know Cyrus is an entertaining man, but can't you leave his side for a second?

Mister Meester: I love that Blair would openly call Vanessa "a tired cliche from the 718" planning "preachy I-hate-the-man talk," and "some girl with tacky accessories who lives to recycle." Girl does not mince words!

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2. Who would you have chosen to give the toast?

DANdy: Rufus. We've seen the kind of waffle spread he's responsible for; it's safe to assume he'd do wonders for any toast, as well. (Thank you. I'll be here all day!)

Gossip Guy: I'd go for the celeb factor. NYU needs money. As webmaster of a celebrity gossip site, I can tell you they bring in more than hippies or Queen B.

Mister Meester: Blair Waldorf. Just to see if she'd zing Vanessa during the speech. Or if anyone would actually stay awake through the Napoleon zingers.

3. From 1-10, what was the Vanessa uselessness scale ranking?

DANdy: 1, dammit! I'm officially hopping aboard the Vanessa bandwagon! Say what you want about V, Gossip Guy, but she's clearly served a purpose this season. Would I like to see more of her cleavage and hear less of her judging? Of course. But she hasn't been useless. She's proven to be an actual foil for Blair.

Mister Meester: 5. Okay, so Vanessa really wanted to give the speech to impress her mom. That part made perfect sense, as does her competition with (and her strong resentment of) Blair. But selling out Dan and Olivia? I just don't buy that V is that conniving all of a sudden, no matter the motive.

Gossip Guy: Ugh, 16. Seriously, Ms. Moral Hippie throws her friend and roommate under the bus because of a suggestion by Blair? Look, I get that the toast was important to her to win over her even bigger hippie mom, but blah, blah, blah. That's still not the Vanessa I've grown to know and hate.


4. Harder to believe: Nate actually hatching that plot, or Carter actually walking away from Serena in that dress?

Gossip Guy: Sorry Nate, you're much too pretty to have to think. I'm pretty sure Grandfather came up with that one.

DANdy: Keep in mind, Carter has actually seen Serena naked, so... I lost my train of thought.

Mister Meester: If you chalk the scheme up to the Vanderbilt political machine, I can see Nate swinging it. What I can't see is Carter taking off the way he did. This was a guy who refused to leave Serena's side when she was trying to brush him off, and now that his debt is gone, he's just too proud? Really Carter?

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Nate pulling a fast one on Serena? Or anyone? Dubious, to say the least.

5. Chuck's same-sex kiss: Hot, not or overhyped?

Gossip Guy: So overhyped. It was for maybe a split second, very forced into the plot line, and shockingly not his first anyways.

Mister Meester: Definitely overhyped. It made for an interesting wrinkle in Blair's plot, but wasn't really that scandalous, as Chuck was completely unfazed by the kiss itself. If anything, I was just sad Blair used Chuck (as he said).

DANdy: Please. It was barely a peck. You know what I always say: no tongue, no reason to get worked up over a same-sex kiss on Gossip Girl.

BONUS QUESTION: Will Chair kiss and make up? Hopefully with each other?

Mister Meester: As much as this was a setback for Chair, their exchange at the end showed maturity. She apologized, and while he's not over it yet, at least he's not out seeking revenge in the form of twins. Progress, people!

Gossip Guy: I'm not worried, this couple is stronger than the furniture they share a name with.

DANdy: Kiss and make up? No. But when Dorota scrubs the bathtub next week, let's just say she won't be the only member of the Waldorf household on her knees!


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1. Everything Blair said to Ellis after the kiss. Loved the bag attack as well. 2. Well, Vanessa. She's the best fit for NYU. Until Blair stops her scheming for NYU minions, she won't fit in. 3. 0! She's not useless at all. I love her character. 4. Carter walking away for sure. That was one of the lamest exits in GG history. And who in their right mind leaves Serena?! 5. Wasn't there an interview where someone from GG said they didn't want the kiss to get out? The spoilers and the fans themselves overhyped it. People expected too much. It was hot though and the just the right amount. Who really wanted to see Chuck tongue anyone other than Blair anyway? 6. Chair will make up. This is the only way their relationship will grow. The fire will pay off in bed.


NO NO YOU'RE NOT ALONE, gossipobsessed! I REALLY WANT THEM TO BE FRIENDS. but i want vanessa to try harder to achieve that. i dont want her to just forget that she basically humiliated blair in front of the whole school. (and i kinda wantttttttt her to suffer more) BLAIR HAS SUFFERED TOO MUCH STOP TORTURING HER. and bring back the NJBC PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE. i wanna see them actually have scenes tgt. BRING A SITUATION WHEN THEY CAN PLOT TOGETHER against someone.


Ughh.. please there was too much Vanessa. Excuse me -- she is the biggest hypocrite on the show. So i am not surprised that she did the things she did. She would judge other people but only end up being worse than the people she judges. She is the worst character on the show. Please GG writers -- stop pimping the most useless character, Vanessa. I miss Nate -- so I'm glad to see more of him. Gaahh --- What did you do to my Carter and Serena!!! I think Blair and Chuck needed this to grow up. I'm sure that they will not break up. I'm glad that they showed a lot of maturity. They will always be on the top of my list. :)


1- I'm with DANdy. Chuck absolutely has me creaming my jeans every time he opens his mouth this season (and even when he doesn't... that hurt/angry stare he gave Blair before leaving the freshman toast was killer). My husband is starting to feel neglected, and I don't blame him...
2- I am always on Blair's side for some unknown reason... even when she is a total b*tch... she's MY b*tch.
3- I have no more of a problem with Vanessa than any of the other characters, so I abstain from answering this one. I do not get the anti-Vanessa campaign. Excpet for when she stole Jenny's letter from Nate. That was beyond low, and she never even got just punishment for it. So maybe I do actually hold a grudge against her and I didn't even notice.
4- Nate's a moron... and what's more, he's become a pointless moron. Since he IS pretty to watch on the screen, so I say WTH is with his complete lack of any kind of interesting storyline?? Could I care less about his family's political aspirations??? Ummmmmmmm..... NO. I believe the Carter thing. I think he is really trying to change and this was his one way to really prove it to Serena, and she took it away from him (reminding me of her mother in the whole Rufus vs. Lily's money battle).


Think you guys are lukin at this from the wron poin of view. Carter left because he wants to be a better man for serena. Thats why he didnt want her cleanin up his mess.


I loved this epiosde mostly since Carter is gone! I actually feel sorry for Vanessa, her mom could be at least a bit more supportive. She's just as bad as Elanor, but in a different way.


If Vanessa stole Nate´s love letter from Jenny back in season 2?, she can screw up Dan and Olivia. Gotta hate her xd


I totally loved how Chuck didn't cheat on Blair when they were in that fight! I was so sure there was going to be some other woman in the room and I was actaully SHOCKED to see that they've both grown up so much!


The best thing about the kiss was the lines that came after it C:You think I never kissed a guy before B:Love me? C:Always and I die of laughter...


DANdy: Kiss and make up? No. But when Dorota scrubs the bathtub next week, let's just say she won't be the only member of the Waldorf household on her knees! LOVE IT! I really don't think Carter would have left Serena, no matter how proud he was. He claims to care about her so much, and she did all that work to prove she cared about him too, but he's rather work on an oil rig for like 20 years?? Please.

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