Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chair Update

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Watching Chuck and Blair actually make it as a couple has been one of the biggest treats of this Gossip Girl season's first four episodes. But will it last?

Also, is that rumored Gossip Girl threesome actually gonna happen?

Michael Ausiello of EW addresses both questions in his Q&A today:

Q: I know you won’t say who partakes in the threesome on Gossip Girl, so I won’t even bother asking. I just want to know if it’s a dream or if it’s real.

A: Oh, it’s real.

Q: I would love some (good) news about Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl!

A: It doesn’t get much better than this: They’re still together and (relatively) happy through at least episode 11.

Bass and Waldorf

Somewhat older-school Chair.

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Please let them (Ch-air) get married in the end *fingers crossed* It would make up for the other rubbish that has happened and probably is still to come on the show..


Chuck and Blair are the only reason I watch GG !! They are the unconventional dream couple..


we waited for 2 effin years for Chuck and Blair, and you're going to ruin it in episode 11, this better good... gaahhh


^ correct.


at least episode 11 !! Wich means that they are probably filming ep 11 right now and that's all that he knows for now.


I dont care much about Chair but it's the most popular couple so writers won't break it up forever but of course they will have problems and all that. Just any couple... GossipGirly, there's no need for a campaign. In the end our doves will be back together.) Let Serena hook up with "hot" Baziens and Nates and then get back to her destiny. Im just feel for al those Serenate shippers. They must have something sweet to remember.))


i sure do hope chair don't break up. i waited for 2 long suffering seasons for them to be finally together and what else is there that has not been thrown their way that can keep them away from each other? they're the only reason i watch this show. it will be awful if it ends short and shallow.


omg no if they break CHAIR up, im not watching this show anymore


yeah i think they need to break up. they can get togethaa later.


If you think about it, the episode 12 of this season could be addressing somehow the one year aniversary of Bart's death. And if not that one it could be episode 13. This could cause some disturbance on Chuck's behavior and it could put stress between him and Blair. And with Jack Bass returning it could worsen. So maybe that's one reason for saying that all would be alright till episode 11. Still, it doesn't mean that there is going to be a breakup, maybe just some serious disturbance.

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