Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Bart's "Return"

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This week, we reported a developing story about the return of Robert John Burke to the Gossip Girl cast. But what does the return of Bart Bass actually entail?

Is he actually alive? Coming back only in flashbacks? Michael Ausiello of EW has dropped a hint in his spoiler Q&A today. See what you think of this tidbit ...

Q: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on Gossip Gir? this season? Is Chuck's father alive or is it a flashback?

A: Neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of A Christmas Carol?

Thoughts? Theories? Share!


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If it;s in Lily's dream it'll kind of suck because we all remember the last time they focused the episode on her when it clearly should have been on Blair and Chuck and prom and everything. Also it makes no sense. It would be so much more interesting for him to come to Chuck in a dream or something and we might get to see some junior NJBC which would be awesome. But also I can't help but think that they are gonna have Chuck go moody around Xmas because it would be the anniversary so I really hope they're lying and he's coming to Chuck and not a blonde. Bit long there, sorry XD

Michelle is chair ftw

of course I love A Christmas Carol. My school is doing it for our winter musical, and I'm Mrs.Cratchit :)


omg- the title of the episode would be "The Bassness Carol" lol

Addison rose

i love how everyone assumes its chuck when no sources say that, all the sources have said it's lily's dream or that it effects a blond, chuck fits neither of those categories.


wow!! I know it would be something like "A christmas carol".. and I really can't wait too see the episode, at this point.. because it would be, with no doubts, focused on Chuck.. ahahah Chuck as Scrooge!


Eric is TIny Tim! ROFL Plotting in Pastel!


could a christmas CAROL be referring to lily's sister?
ahaha probably not buttt you never know!!


and i want to add that he nvr said it had to do with lily...he could be coming in a dream to Lily for all we know....but it makes a little more sense for him to come to chuck in a dream instead of lily...


OMG!!!! I already saw this on a thread bt didnt get.....NOW I TOTALLY GET IT!!!!!


It would be so great if it was The Christmas Carol with Chuck - who better! I CANNOT wait.

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