Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Bart's "Return"

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This week, we reported a developing story about the return of Robert John Burke to the Gossip Girl cast. But what does the return of Bart Bass actually entail?

Is he actually alive? Coming back only in flashbacks? Michael Ausiello of EW has dropped a hint in his spoiler Q&A today. See what you think of this tidbit ...

Q: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on Gossip Gir? this season? Is Chuck's father alive or is it a flashback?

A: Neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of A Christmas Carol?

Thoughts? Theories? Share!


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OMG, I love christmas carol!
And would love to see everyone's past and future.
Please, PLEASE, let them hire kids to play NJBC!
And have the regular actors to play their future as well.
This story is so nice the chapter wouldn't really need to be original


The show is giving away too many spoilers.


i think its a good idea, bart is an amazing actor! cant wait to see him on the show again:)


i think it realy cool that chuch is going to see his dad but he took it so hared when bart died and i dont know how he will take it seeing his dad for the first time in so long and and christmas too!?!


I'm excited !


Well i reckon he's gonna come to Chuck in a dream and show him what he's doing wrong in his life and how it will turn out if he keeps going like that! I hope he shows Chuck and Blair's wedding day to him! That would be good!
I love Gossip Girl! Just bought Season 2 like an hour ago! YAY!


hes gonna be a ghost?


YESSSSS oh my god i KNEW it!!!!


Maybe Chuck gets injured or passes out when he starts having his "visions".


If Chuck goes to his future... there better be some great Chair-ness!!! :D I'm just confused because the first spoiler said it would affect two blondes... Lily and GG herself. How would this affect them?

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