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Great episode. PD is awesome - loved Mer's support of him and the evolution of their relationship. I too don't miss Izzie - maybe Shonda will change her mind and just write her off, that would be welcome news to me.

And it would be nice to see Richard return to some form of humanness and connection to his staff again.


It was a great episode!! But my main reason too.. were Derek and MerDer too.. for sure!! And I didn't miss Izzie at all. I personally needed a break from her. Season 5 was focused on her way to much!!


Smoker, the spine is in the rigth and relaxing position when you're lying on your back, when you do the opposite you're stretching the spine so you could hurt it, so it's the rigth positon for a spine post-op patient.

And I loved this episode too...for all the same reasons....of course, my main reason were Derek and MerDer. :)


I don't feel like something special to me, I don't know, I was waiting for more, arizona-cris-lexie saved the day for me

and why a man with two surgeries in his back is resting "on" his back?

sorry for my english


I loved this episode. And I have to say that I didn't miss Izzie for even a second. I am just so tired of her lately.


I liked this episode :) I think the episode's are starting to get a little better. Haha, I loved the whole 'diaper' thing :) I wanna see more Mer/Der, but it's a bit hard cause Ellen was really pregnant when they were filming. Anyways, I don't think this is the best season so far. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


I agree with you jude. Totally!!

Izzie was more into the wedding.. church, dress and stuff while Meredith wanted the marriage not a wedding. And look who is in a happy marriage with communication, doing couple stuff and talk and all, now!!
Don't get me wrong I like Alex and Iz together but in my opinion they got married to fast and only because they thought she is gonna die.


Loookie what I found-
Looks like that new girl is definately McSteamy's long lost daughter!

Question: I love Grey’s Anatomy but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this mystery woman from Mark’s past? —Sophie
Ausiello: I believe she hails from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.


move the bed did it for me and my family


i love derek more on this, he's beginning to resurface his true identity... him being a good neurosurgeon... this is way way too good... i thought that last episode was nerve wrecking this one is far better than good...

Way to go GA!!! love season 6

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