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According to TV Guide Magazine, the set of Grey's Anatomy is becoming quite the family atmosphere. To a point, this goes without saying, given all the recent baby news.

However, producers are reportedly constructing an on-set nursery to accommodate Ellen Pompeo’s 6-week-old Stella, Katherine Heigl’s 1-year-old adopted Naleigh, Chyler Leigh’s 6-month-old  Anniston, and the baby Eric Dane is expecting with wife Rebecca Gayheart.

All those bundles sure make for a happy Grey's Anatomy set.

After the past few years, that sure is a nice thing to hear!

“Ellen is absolutely loving life as a mom and Katie just came back on set with Naleigh, who is absolutely beautiful and precious!,” reports her on-screen sister, Chyler Leigh.

“The babies haven’t met yet, but I’ve heard talks of a nursery coming. For now our trailers have been converted into baby havens. I have been passing on my experience.”

Leigh, while only 27, now has three kids with hubby Nathan West. The recent arrivals were the first for Pompeo and Heigl, and Eric Dane will be welcoming his first as well.

Chyler Leigh and Noah

Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh with adorable son Noah.

But what about plans for the stork to pay a visit to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital? Show creator Shonda Rhimes says, disappointingly, “We don’t do babies on Grey’s.”

Aww. Does that really mean no McBaby? Ever?

“I assume Derek wants to be a dad at some point,” says Rhimes, clarifying that Meredith, on the other hand, is probably “not too into babies.” Well, just give it time, right?

In the meantime, what about a mini-Calzona?

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins and is the real-life mother of Luke, 2, says, “In my character research, I found a lot of real life pediatric doctors don’t want to have their own children because everyday they see all the horrible things that could happen.”

So maybe not. At least not for awhile.

We can also rule out former cast-member T.R. Knight (George), 36, who just broke things off with his boyfriend, Mark Cornelson, just weeks after the kid was legally able to toast his 21st birthday. Someone pass poor Mark a pacifier of his own!

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And Meredith and Derek already talked about kids before he proposed and she thought he was freaking out because he didn't want her crappy babies. So they both want them. I hope Shonda will give what us the fans wants!!


Aww that picture of Chyler with her son is adorable:). And seriously Shonda no baby in the future???!! No McBaby?? It would be a great storyline centric for Meredith and Derek!! She asked Derek to move in, she married him, she have a relationship with her half sister, she helped Thatcher. She can be a mother too. She is nothing like Ellis!! Also MerDer are both strong and maturenow!!
[[And Meredith likes babies.. in season 1 Mer and George, they went to the nursery often.. Meredith even saved a baby with Burke!!]]


I don't buy it. PD said this morning that he wants the McBaby storyline. It'll bound to happen. I can see Mer freaking out at the beginning but I believe it'll be a great storyline for both. PD should be made exec producer for God's sake. He knows what fans want. CL looks gorgeous in that pic. Her baby is also cute!


what about the "crappy babies" meredith and derek were talking about? she was the one to suggest it first.... hmmm I'm confused.


No Babys ever?! Shonda can't be serious! Kids aren't that bad and even Meredith HAS a difficult past why no McBaby in the future? Since she has "married" and helped Thatcher I thought she has grown so much and becoming a mother A GOOD MOTHER would make a great storyline..why can't we just see a normal happy family for once? I'm tired of break-ups and cancer stories..since the set of GA is such a nice family place why not the characters?!


So does this mean we might have some conflict
with Callie wanting kids and Arizona doesn't? Callie told her
dad that she would have kids. Daddy wants grandkids!!


Aw! Baby haven. How adorable. And that picture of Chyler and her son is precious. How adorable.


I could have done with the last comment about Mark and TR. It is beyond you, seriously. They broke off because TR wants to move to New York and Mark didn't want to. It has nothing to do with age. I'm sick and tired of the stupid comments about TR and Mark's age difference. There are plenty of celebrities with much bigger age differences, but let me guess, they are straight. Makes all the difference, does it? TR has been having amazing success on Parade, so much so the play might go to Broadway. He has been getting full houses and standing ovations, but you never report on his success, but you make the time to make personal digs at him? Really? No wonder I didn,t come here for so long.


What an adorable photo!


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