Heroes: Desperate for Ratings, Aiming for Record High Shark-Jumping

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Heroes is coming off its series low in ratings.

The NBC drama must, therefore, be happy that its most desperate cry for attention will air next week, as the following photo confirms the dreadful rumor that's been making its way around the Internet for months:

Claire will, indeed, give the same sex a shot, as she makes out with roommate Gretchen on next week's episode. Sigh, shake your head and see for yourself:

Desperate Heroes Scene

Claire and Gretchen, sitting in a dormitory, K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Speak with other fans in our Heroes forum about this astounding development.

Trust is, the actual scene is brief and Claire doesn't reciprocate the kiss. But is there ANY doubt that this was all planted awhile ago just to scare up buzz for a struggling series?

It's sad, but true.

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yeah, then they both end up appearing only on the webcomics...


We can only hope, Maj, we can only hope. Personally, I think it would be hilarious if immediately after Gretchen and Claire kiss, a writer just comes out of nowhere and tackles Gretchen, then both disappear like that black hole guy, never to be heard from again.




tvfanatic always overreacted on the rumored kiss. How can you even pretend Claire is giving a shot to lesbianism? Gretcher literally ASSAULTED her. You guys are blowing this WAY out of proportion.


if you read the latest interviews with the cast Hayden is the one to blame for this dull storyline. She apparently thought it'd be more interesting.
Not that that excuses the writers being so poor of late.
I miss the wonderful writing of old, when a 'To Be Continued...' filled you with so much frustration that you had to wait at least a week before you'd know what the hell was going on.


Well the thing is, a lot of young teenage hormone bags watch Heroes simply because they think Claire is hot. And yeah, the lesbian kiss may be short but lets face it, they probably did leak the rumour just because, for some reason, men find lesbians a turn on. And if its Claire, you can bet those same young teenage hormone bags are tuning in out of hope of seeing some action.
And I do think Heroes shouldn't make such a poor attempt to boost ratings (better stories and character development work too) and thats not me being homophobic. Truth is, if it was a kiss between two guys, the ratings would have fallen to whole new depths.

Matt richenthal

Point taken, Michael. The last thing we wanna do is offend fans.
That being said, though, we'll never blindly praise a show. We'll cover Heroes in depth and we will be critical because, yes, in this case, ratings are a clear sign the show is in decline - and we don't want it to be!
When nine million people stop watching a show, it's not satisfying its fan base. Our aim is to help change that and get the series back to top quality.


Well..what about the new Deaf girl. I think she's awesome.


We nit-pick because we care, Michael. That, and some of us are extremely bored at work...


"But that isn't the point at all, Michael. Can anyone seriously believe this wasn't planned just to get Heroes buzz?" So you can't have a lesbian in the show without it solely being to "make a buzz"? Good job offending every single homosexual member of the Heroes userbase. "About nine million more people watched the show two years ago and now nine million fewer watch it. NINE MILLION! Critics didn't MAKE these people do anything, obviously." Ratings are rarely a sign of quality. Just look at some of the crap rating above it. I'm not saying critics are killing the show, I'm saying that their negativity of the slightly and most inane things aren't going to help. When you guys really focus on this show, you are my favourite news source on the internet when it comes to this series. When you nit-pick it apart and constantly criticise it over the tiniest little discrepancies though... it makes me want to pull my hair out. *laughs*

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