Heroes Review: "Tabula Rasa"

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There weren't many forward-moving developments this week on Heroes, but the episode "Tabula Rasa" had its up and its down.

Let's go over what worked and what didn't work during the hour, as readers are encouraged to sound off themselves in our Heroes forum...

WHAT WORKED: HRG, back in the spotlight! He's always been our favorite character. It's great to see him with a purpose again, one that can highlight new individuals with abilities and bring them into the fold when need be.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Hiro, one confused time traveler! So, does he have a list or not? Sometimes? When we last saw Hiro, and when this episode ended, it seemed as though he could control where he went in time. But he had no idea why fate brought him to Peter last week. The show has always had a consistency problem with various abilities.

Samuel and Sylar

WHAT WORKED: A sharper focus! This has been a plus all season. The series has finally taken a cue from Lost and focused on certain characters per episode, instead of trying to group a million storylines into each week. It does beg the question, though: did anyone miss Tracy? Or Parkman? Or even Nathan? At this point, many characters feel like dead weight.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Sylar, played out! There's not much the show can do with its formerly great villain at this point. Instead of having him under Samuel's wing, it would have been a bolder step for the show to have Samuel actually kill Sylar and truly establish himself as the top evil presence.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Non-believable use of a washing machine! We write this with a smile, but Claire went over to her father's apartment to do laundry... and still needed quarters?!? We've been in college. The entire point of doing laundry at your parents' is to save money and use their at-home facilities.

Agree with these opinions? Disagree? Confused? Catch up on the relevent plot developments via our recap of "Tabula Rasa."

Also, you can get a quick preview of next week's episode now!

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a reply to HRG Fan She went their to get away from her bi-sexual room mate and to help her father get settle being 'normal'


I agree. I too believed Claire was actually helping her dad to wash his clothes. I guess she have already washed the clothes and then met with HRG to ask for some extra quarters she just ran out. This episode was great, but I'm really worried of Hiro now. Don't want him to die.


Why would Samuel actually kill Sylar? He like others just wants to use him as their weapon. I cant believe the review actually talked about the washing machine? Obviously a joke but still find something else to pick on


I would Miss Tracy, Matt, and Nathan if they were part of a integrate storyline..Nathan I understand because hes really not there ( I miss the real Nathan though)


Sylars story seems Redundant to me.


I disagree with the comment on Sylar. He is still my favorite character and I don't feel he has been played out.


MY PREDICTION FOR THE CONCLUSION OF "REDEMPTION": Sylar is now a genuine good guy. The evil part of him is stuck inside Matt. Matt will die at the end of the storyline, taking evil Sylar with him.


Samuel killing off Sylar wouldn't have made any sense. His goal is to recruit specific new people with abilities... What purpose would he gain from doing that? And remember the last time one villian was killed by another to simply make them seem cooler? Poor Adam... To have Sylar killed off in that kind of way would be terrible.


Or could she be washing her dad clothes? i dint see what type of clothe was on the basket.


that's exactly the point the author is making: college kids only use home laundry facilities in order NOT to pay anything. Otherwise, they could just stay in the dorm and pay for the washing machine.
Why would Claire have brought her laundry to her father's if she still had to pay there?

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