Heroes Round Table: "Tabula Rasa"

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We're back with another edition of the Heroes Round Table!

What did you like or dislike about this week's new episode? We hope you're discussing it with fellow viewers in our forum.

As for the TV Fanatic staff, we've gathered once again to analyze developments from "Tabula Rasa." Who is our favorite villain? Who will die? Read on. Find out our take...

Choose your favorite villain: Sylar or Samuel?
A. Hiro: Out with the old, in with the new! Samuel strikes me as far more intriguing these days. He commands my attention during each scene, while I almost find myself bored with Sylar.

Milover: Sylar. Samuel is simply the flavor of the month, if you will. But you heard the carnival folks discussing Sylar this week. They've all heard of him. They all fear him. That's the nature of a true villain.

Timex: Samuel, because he's layered. I never bought into Sylar's backstory - he's evil because he wants to be special? - but Robert Knepper plays Samuel is such a manner that I can't tell if he's wholly evil. I love that.

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Which Hero will die?
A. Hiro: I read somewhere that it's the one character fans will expect the least. For that reason, I'm going with Peter.

Milover: HRG. First off, he doesn't have an ability, so he actually can die. Secondly, he's been mulling about without a purpose recently. Now that he sort of found one this week, I can see him perishing while trying to help another troubled hero.

Timex: I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe any will die until I see it. I've been asking for someone major to bite the big one for years, in order to up the stakes on the show, and it never happens, even though Tim Kring has admitted he doesn't know how to write for all these characters.

Who did you miss more this week: Mohinder, Tracy or Parkman?
A. Hiro: Mohinder? HA! I'll go with Parkman because I really like Greg Grunberg as an actor.

Milover: Parkman. Ali Larter is gorgeous, but it never made sense why they brought her back. We got to know her as Micah's mom, a sweet, tough, vulnerable character. Why kill off the character and keep the actress?

Timex: Mohinder. It makes me laugh that they even keep him around, following the utterly ridiculous impression of The Fly he underwent last season.

Will Hiro save Charlie?
A. Hiro: No. Jayma Mays stars as Emma on Glee now, and she best not be going anywhere!

Milover: Yes. But he'll die in the process and be the hero referenced in the second question. (I know, this means I'm changing my answer to that one. Sue me!)

Timex: Yes. But it will create a major problem in history, sort sort of "butterfly effect" on a grand scale that will cause major problems around the world.

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Someone take the bottle away from Nick. He's clearly had WAY too much to drink!


awesome season so far! I love that there are so many interesting questions that will keep me watching, kinda like Lost. Will Sylar ever be the same again? Will Parkman? Where is Mohinder? What are Samuel's plans? How will he recruit the good guys to side with Sylar? What will Peter do when he finds out that Nathan is dead? Will HRG die trying to help people with abilities? Will Hiro and Charlie both be saved?


Hopefully they just nuke the show. It's been going downhill since season one. Cap this show like it's name is Old Yeller. Peace.


I'd like to know where mohinder went!?


But they keep thinking of ways to bring people back. Noah died and was healed, Niki died but the actress was kept on as someone completely new, Nathan died but Sylar kept him alive. Then theres Peter, Claire and Sylar who have all had regenerative powers.
The last MAIN character (not including minor ones) to seriously die was Isaac. And they predicted that in episode 2, but still made it good by building up to it and the potential to change the future.


"I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe any will die until I see it. I've been asking for someone major to bite the big one for years, in order to up the stakes on the show, and it never happens" Erm Nathan? He was a major character and he died? Sure his likeness has remained on the show but its not the real Nathan and once Sylar is back to form whatever remains of Nathan will be lost.


How Dare you say Peter. He is the best on the show why would u even think of him getting killed?

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