How is Gossip Girl Doing So Far This Season?

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Every Monday after Gossip Girl, we put up polls to gauge your reactions. It's not exactly scientific, but it sheds some light on which episodes are best received.

So far, through five episodes this season, last week's "Rufus Getting Married" was rated the best, by a whisker over "The Lost Boy" (the third episode this fall).

Both received a combined 84 percent of votes cast in either the "Awesome" or "Pretty Solid" categories, with last week's registering a bit higher in the former.

All five episodes so far in Season 3 have received consistently positive reviews. Below are the surveys' results so far (you can still vote) so you can take a look.

Incidentally, last season's ill-fated spinoff-starter, "Valley Girls," fared the poorest of any episode since we've done this, while the Season 2 finale rated highest.

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Watching this in the UK so only on episode 2 for series 3, but I'm loving it. Blair at University was inspired! I wish I'd had Chuck Bass to come home to!!!


I wasn't suggesting that 3000 votes wasn't an adequate number of votes to be a sample size. I was suggesting it might reflect declining interest in the show. Just a theory. My interest has certainly waned dramatically since the season started. Actually, since I saw the very first ep of this season and went WTF, and not in a good way.


Ok, quick comment for those commenting about the reliability of the stats. I studied statistics, so I know my Mean from my Standard Deviation. The number of respondents should be proportionate to the size of the population. In this case the population is the 2-2.5 million people who regularly watch GG. 3000 responses should be a good sample of that population. To put it in perspective, Gallup typically uses a sample of about 2500 responses to measure national political opinion, population 300 million. In a poll conducted the week before last year's election they got within 2% of the final result, quoting a margin of error of 2%. They were able to nail the voting preference of the whole country, by sampling the opinion of just 2500 people. Once you've got a good sample a statistician wouldn't expect the result to change regardless of how many additional responses you add.


Will there be a Season 4 for Gossip Girl?


@Dana: agree


"Rufus Getting Married" really was a good episode. I think it fixed some of the problems that I felt were hurting the show -- I liked how Blair, Chuck, and Nate met up, and how Blair and Nate actually interacted, for example. And I really cared about what was happening; I'm concerned about Carter. Even Vanessa did well in this episode, and the Dan-Vanessa bit was funny! I was a little disappointed with the ending (the part with G and Vanya was rushed) and the hurried explanation of Poppy's demise (don't you think G would have told this to Dan earlier if it was so simple? They were together, basically). But overall, a solid episode -- much better than anything we've had for a year, I think.


Same thing as Dana said:
"The more interesting number to me is the declining number of votes overall."


i liked them all, except for the parts withs s , she just kills the show!


Season 3 has been pretty much awful so far.
3.05 was the best episode of the season so far though.


This is my order of best to worst:
1. The Lost Boy
2. Rufus Getting Married
3. The Freshman
4. Dan de Fleurette
5. Reversals of Fortune


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