Two "How to Succeed in Bassness" Sneak Previews

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Below are TWO clips from next week's  Gossip Girl, "How to Succeed in Bassness." As hinted in the earlier promos, Chuck wants nothing to do with Blair when he opens up his big hotel, although he does want Serena's help for publicity.

Not to worry, Chair fans ... looks like they'll patch things up soon.

Check out the sneak peek below and see what you think:

[video url="" title="How To Succeed In Bassness Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for the second clip (sorry for not adding it earlier). It looks like Jenny's new role as queen of the school might be having an adverse impact her friendship with Eric, at least according to Jonathan ...

[video url="" title="How To Succeed In Bassness Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

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Love Serena's top:D And Chucks hair (L) ! Poor B She will go to the opening and chuck will send her away :(
Chair Drama coming up we know we love it;)


I think you should replace the writer!!!!


I have another variation for my theory... maybe Chuck and Blair don't made up in the next episode, I mean Blair's plan can go or not go well (it will probably work) but what if it is not enough? For the pics of the episode it looks like they're at least going to talk but who knows if they will truly made up, GG sometimes surprises us. Suppose that they either don't made up or they only partially made up, and things are still strained between them in The Grandfather Part II episode... In that episode for the pictures we know that several of our characters are near a peer in some Vanderbilt (pretty sure political) event, and something happens and a man in a suit jumps to the water. Many think is Tripp Vanderbilt, but why GG writers would give such a dramactic scene to a character who is not one of the main characters or even a frequent recurring character like Carter or Georgina? What if it is Chuck who is jumping to the water to save Blair, who felt in the water for whatever reason? Think about it, the pic is from afar but the man is in a suit, posibly a stripes suit in grey (a color appropiate for a business man), buttom up suit, has dark hair and middle high... I could be him, and if so, after saving her then they would made up (a near death experience also serves for bringing a trouble couple together). It's just a theory but who knows what will happen, I just wanted to contemplate the possibility.


This is how I would like the next episode to go down. Blair try’s to apologise again, but Chuck refuses to listen.
She has helped him get the people he needed to the hotel opening, but he seems unimpressed.
She watches him from afar. He knows she is but wills himself to ignore. She wants to run to him, but she fears his rejection. It is later that night. Blair watches as Chuck celebrates the success of the opening.
He is laughing and thinking about his love, how she has been the one who made the difference. She walks toward him but he turns and walks away. She stops in the middle of the dance floor. She is sad and mad. She follows him.
Hesitantly she waits. He knows she is there. He can see her through the bar mirror. He turns around to see her walking away. He wants to chase after her, but his stubbornness makes him stay. Blair tells Serena she wants to go. Serena say’s she didn’t think she would give up so easy. Blair wants to stay really. She has not given up. She couldn’t leave another night without making Chuck understand how sorry she is. How she will never do anything like that again. He thinks she is leaving and seeks her out. She spots him frantically searching for her. She smiles.
He finds her and seeing her smile feels a little embarrassed. She rises up and with eyes wide and expressive states ‘You love me’. He stares down at her. Not a word. She doubts her belief. He sees her questioning, that she doubts his love for her. He has no words to express how he feels. He walks away. She is confused, annoyed and disappointed, but mainly hurt. He is hurting her again. She grabs his arm ‘Chuck’. Her voice is thin and pleading. He turns taking her wrist he pulls her hand away ‘enough’. The words seem final to her. She feels a stab of pain. He feels it too, but is not showing it. Part of him wants to grab her part of him needs to walk away. He needs to be further away from her. When she is in front of him all he can see is her. Blair feels deflated, dejected and alone. As he walks away he closes his eyes as if the pull of her is weighing him down. Dan sees him. Chuck is leaning against the balcony looking down at his success.
‘What are you doing?’ Dan confronts Chuck. Chuck gives him a sideways glance. ‘You love her’. Chuck snarls ‘You know nothing’. ‘I know your being a fool. You belong together’. Chuck stares at Dan then turns. He watches Blair across the room. Serena is talking to her. Blair looks more angry than upset. She is gesturing wildly. Serena says something funny and they start to laugh. Chuck smiles. She is unbelievably beautiful when she laughs. Dan is thinking the same about Serena. ‘I love her too much’ Chuck confesses. Dan frowns ‘You cant’ love someone too much’. Chuck continues ‘I know how perfect she can be and it kills me when she lets herself down’. ‘That’s crazy’ Dan exclaims ‘You can’t put her on a pedestal like that. It’s not fair on her’ Chuck laughs ‘You mean like Serena?’ ‘We all make mistakes, just think how many chances Blair gave you last year.’ Blair and Serena have realised they are watching. Blair smiles when she sees Chucks face. She knows he is thinking of her. Moments past as if time has stood still. They look longingly into each others eyes. He walks toward her. She feels her heart beating faster, her breathing quickens. He takes her face in his hand caressing her mouth ‘How could you doubt my love for you?’ ‘I love you more than I have loved anyone or anything in my life.’ She wraps her arms around him. He holds her tightly. This is where they belong. She showers him with kisses. ‘I love you…’ kiss ‘so much’ kiss. He opens his mouth and taking hers in his he kisses her deeply and lovingly. Bending her gently backward, he takes her breath away. She responds equally enthusiastically. Her hand tangled in his hair pulling him toward her. Sigh! I know this is long winded, but this is about how many Chair scenes would satisfy me. I do want the other characters to have their day, but it is Chair who the majority of fans want to see. I don’t want cheesy day time TV love scenes or uncomfortable tongue down the throat grope fest. Just a little bit of passion so we can believe/make believe they are in love. A really good kiss would do.


Oh for Heaven's sake just get my old Blair Waldorf back!!! This is sooo humiliating for me to watch her acting in a way so not like her it makes me wanna cry in desperation. And what's with Chuck not letting her explain herself instead of locking up in his stupid hotel suite leaking his wounds just as Lily says??? I mean I want the writers to make up for this huge mistake and want them to do it with a convincing storyline and a whole new background!!!!


Blair just got caught up in manipulating the situation and didn't think things through. Chuck is pissed because she manipulated him, when he would have just done it for her. He is pissed because he thought that they were past that kind of stuff. The writers need to bring bad boy Chuck back! They have him acting older than Rufus and Lily.


Ah, yes, finally some more Eric and Jonathan interaction! They are so cute together, I hope we get to see some kisses soon. (: And argh, I'm torn between Jenny's reign as queen and her friendship with Eric. Hopefully there's a way to keep both? As for CB... Well, they'll make up. Not worried about that.


does serenas dress remind anyone else of her first date with dan?


Aww, I love how Eric defended Jenny. "That mask is becoming her face."
I don't know why but I could not stop laughing at that part. XD Oh no chair drama. I hope they make up soon too! I bet they will they love eachother to much to hold grudges ;) I loveee the fact that their doing a Halloweeeeeen episode of gossip girl. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. :D


of course Blari will show up .. do you remeber blair's quoet in season 1 when she showed up in asher's party the gay - jenny boyfriend or whaterver .. she said "the most important parties to attend are the ones you are not invited to" LOOL

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