Keith Carradine Says Goodbye to Frank Lundy

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Keith Carradine returned this season on Dexter, bringing special agent Frank Lundy back into the life of Dexter, Deb and Miami's newest serial killer.

But the character didn't stick around too long, as he appeared to be bite the literal bullet last night when he and Deb were gunned down in a parking lot.

It looks like Dexter's sister will make it, but the odds aren't good for Carradine's Lundy.

“It didn’t come as a complete shock," the actor told TV Guide Magazine when asked about his character's fate. "The scenario was laid out pretty clear to me when they asked me to come back.”

Frank Lundy
Trinity Killer Photo

Did Trinity take out Lundy? Or is there any chance Anton's jealousy led to a heinous act?

Don't feel badly for Carradine, however.

He'll guest star on both Dollhouse and Damages in the near future.

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