Latest Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "Dan de Fleurette"

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The sneak previews of "Dan de Fleurette" keep on coming, and in this latest clip from Monday's episode, Chuck begins to wonder what the lovely Blair is up to.

Looks like she's hosting the annual sleepover, even though she's no longer at Constance. Is a rivalry still brewing between the former Queen B and Lil' J?

[video url="" title="Dan de Fleurette Sneak Peek #6"] [/video]

Tell us what you think of the sneak preview clip above, and follow this link for the full collection of videos and interviews leading up to "Dan de Fleurette."

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i dont even care about chuck and blair anymore i relle just care aoutttt the other casts like jenny and ericcc=]]]]=]! and nateeeeeee


I've met someone who worked with Blake Lively on Gossip Girl. He's a photographer and he said that Serena Van Der Woodsen was sooo annoying. Like childish annoying as in driving on a moped and getting hurt and stalling everyone's time annoying. So therefore, I'm sure people who work with her are annoyed of her and she does hook up with almost every guy except Chuck and Eric like the slut she is so I'm sure the blind item is about her.


Umm.. They already DID switch up the couples or where you too dense to notice? Dan/Hillary Duff's character
Scott/Vanessa are all new couples. The only couples that are still together from last Season are Chuck/Blair and Rufus/Lily.
So just come out and say you want Chuck/Blair to end because you prefer Nate/Blair, Dan/Blair or whatever.
Stop being passive aggressive.
(I'm addressing this to the 2 or 3 posters that keep using different names but amazingly enough use the same poor grammar and punctuation. *snerk*) As for me, I'll continue to adore Chair, slowly fall for the new Serena/Carter relationship, and hope Dan, Nate and Jenny get decent love interests while Vanessa falls off a cliff. I'm happy with my main couples on GG and hopeful for the rest of the cast so all your sour grapes don't affect me an iota. :-) It's clear that the writers really adore my two main couples so I'm happy as a clam. :-)


You know they have to knock her down to build her(Blair)up. Contrived, contrived, contrived, manipulation Give us some realsim


idkkkk chair is just kinda of done for me. im just bored. i think they need to switch up the couples like previous posts. but ik the writers will in a matter of time so ill be pacient =D !


Basically I'm a Chair fan too,& I'm always quite critical towards tv shows: simply 'cause there's a good selection of what you can follow, also thanx to internet/dvds, etc...
Regarding GG I have to say that it's supposed to be cool, sexy, funny, smart,& so on: when you have a downhill on one of these thematics, it gets bored, I guess! Besides, I followed OC too, & I know how Swartz writes his stuff: if you notice, while in EU-series there is always a change of characters/plots,a variety of situations, here you have RECURRING SUBJECTS...Swartz used to do it often, with eps like The Chrismukkah, & in many other occasions: I don't always love this kind of writing, because fans can get bored too, in the meantime. I remember Sex & the City,for being innovative throughout the plot, I really enjoy the story (not the movie): when I've seen some eps of Lipstick Jungle & Cashmere Mafia, I've recognized the basic story, typical of SATC book's writer, in both, but above all the witty banters from writer/producer D.Starr in CM... All in all, about Chair, until now they lack in hot-scenes, I don't mean vulgar sexy at all, but for sure erotical & passionate...This shouldn't be too difficult with Leigton & Ed's chemestry together, but perhaps: 1) CW is not a cable tv, such is HO, so writers could be not as free as somewhere else... 2) Or simply they are waiting to show it later...however I hope not TOO LATE,because people could be fed up to wait for the treat...Last 2nd season they were almost never in bed, just fake lovegames or kisses & crying...I already miss the freshness & hotness of S1...BESIDES, GOD BLESS THAT LIMO!!! ;-P) Bye bye to other fans xoxo


ok, i luv chair; in this moment its not the best time for her; she always be a snob; she always be the queen bee and now its nobody and nobody cares about her opinion that its toughtfull.


hmm..i like chuck and blair! there cute. but i totally think they shouldd stop things for now. i feel like chuck and blair are so much better not in a relasionship (: i also loved the nate/chuck/blair triangle! it was so hot. or i hope by midway through the season we have a blair/nate/serena love triangle!! ahh. i miss nb. but i also love darena and jennyyyy! i can't wait for her new love intrest to come into play =] !


i think blair needs to be single for a whilee. chuck is being supportive but there relasionship is dull. she needs someone who she can go home to and chuck is way to busy for her now. in the future they prob. will think abour darena nair jeric vuck like new couples and stick them out for more then 5 episodes. who knows maybe we will lovee it!

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