Major 90210 Spoiler, Shocker: Adrianna to Hook Up with... Gia?!?

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Really, 90210?!?

In major upcoming storyline news, the CW hit will take an often-criticized route this January: it will hook up a heretofore straight female character with Gia, the lesbian student played by Rumer Willis.

Most shows that attempt this type of relationship are blasted in the media for simply trying to drum up ratings - think Marissa on The OC; or even Claire these days on Heroes - but 90210's numbers have climbed this season.

Ex-Boyfriend Bonding
Rumer Willis on 90210

That's why producer Rebecca Sinclair says the plan is anything but a publicity stunt.

“This isn’t a fling. We’re coming at this [relationship] from a genuine place and not going, ‘Let’s do a titillating story that will grab some promotion.’ This is a real aspect of teenager life that’s interesting... And there’s been a real void in the 90210 universe in terms of gay and bisexual characters.”

So, who will talk a walk on the lesbian side? Adrianna.

There have been no hints that this character is anything but straight, considering she slept with a number of guys during her days of drinking and drugging. But getting rejectedt by Navid will apparently turn Adrianna off to penises entirely this winter.

What do you think of this planned storyline? Discuss it now in our 90210 forum!

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well .... i think its kind of sick to show us these to girls makin out together , i mean its enough that adrianna become lesbian !!!!! but we dnt have to watch every single kiss between them ... i mean coooooooome ooooooon get a room !!!!!!!!!!!! i jst hate it ... adrianna can do better than that , she is pretty .. she can have any guy she wants ... but what do we know :S


It's soooo predictable!!! :S I think the end it won't work out between Gia and Ade, but I think it's cool anyway :)


littledog, before you decide to make such an, in my opinion, foul comment, please learn to spell and use grammar correctly. Thanks. I'm looking forward to this storyline, 90210 definitely needs one like this because teens who watch the show and are gay/bisexual don't really have anything to relate to on it, and it broadens out the topics shown on 90210. If you're going to complain about this storyline, which will probably end up being shown for about 7 minutes maximum each episode, then close your eyes and ears for that segment or just don't watch the show and take your homophobic comments elsewhere.




loooooove it


hey littledog stfu.
its narrow minded homophobic people like you that make anyone not want to come out. being gay is okay and i think it's about time something like this would be put on this show. But , hey i dont thinkanyone would care if they lost a few people to this they're trying to make a point. People need to get used to the fact that people have the right to love who they want.


Jesus christ, people....
Half of you are just people saying, "OMGWTFBBQ THATS HAWT!" And the other half are basically saying, "D8< Gay is bad. I won't watch this show anymore because I don't want to watch this filth." Come on... It's an extremely important topic. At least 45% of the viewers are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and everything else that falls under that category... Shouldn't they get something in this show to relate to? HHMMMMM? Closed minded people piss me off... And to those of you who are perfectly fine with this, then hi five... you get a gold star and a cookie


My goshh, such homophobic comments! For your information, my Mum wouldn't mind me watching this is all!


littledog you are extremly judgemental and clueless


Are we done exploring more races (hispanic, blacks,...) characters on the show? I think this should be done before anything else. There is still a big percentage of the teen population that can't relate to 90210 based on the race represented.

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