NBC Source: This Will Be Final Season of Heroes

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The following announcement doesn't come as a shock, but it's still disheartening for those of us that have watched Heroes from the start:

A source at NBC is confident this will be the final season of the show.

"There isn't much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a 'final chapter' feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang," the insider told airlockalpha.com.

During its first season, Heroes peaked around 15 million viewers. These days, it averages approximately six million.

Hospitalized Hiro

Hiro represents the downfall of Heroes. The character has been wasted for three seasons now.

The show does have a loyal fan base, however, which includes some at NBC the source said. Just not anyone high up at the company.

"To keep a show like this going despite its numbers requires some nostalgic connection to it, and while there are a lot of people here who were part of bringing Heroes to the air, they are not in the decision-making capacities," said the insider, adding what many fans have feared for many months:

"I don't think this should surprise anybody. The writing has been on the wall for some time."

Nothing is finalized, of course. If Tim Kring is reading this right now, how would you advise him to improve the show in order to keep it on the air?

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I'm a Heroes fan from South Africa. I absolutely LOVE the series. I became a fan when I watched the first episode of season 1 and have carried on watching since then. Tim Kring should have came up with a better storyline and maybe there would have been better ratings. Well at least it'll go down with a bang. There should've been an epic battle to the very last apocalyptic end. All the heroes vs the villains,peter should get his original powers back. Slylar should get an power-damping ability that'll erase the power of anyone forever,making it almost impossible to kill him. And MR COOL's idea is pretty awesome,too.


I loved heroes very much and i loved saylar and fuck nbc for kill the show i do'nt think my fuck word will soulve any thing so i am asking polatli i love u saylar when i am saying this do'nt think i am gay. i think i broke the ice.


Great show. Love to see final season. F*ck NBC. and would someone please kill the whining b*tch Claire.


Overall, all the four seasons were great to me. I mean, I can see your storyline although it's unexpected but that's what makes it creative.
I really love the idea of how the antagonist turns into a good guy because of a girl protagonist (aka sylar and claire)-It's good to see another side of the antagonist. Better than the idea of making a protagonist and antagonist.
I feel so excited at the last part of season 4..like what's going to happen to them..I feel this urge that the story must continue because it gets bigger and better each season. HEROES ROCKS! I will remember 'Tim Krings' name for writing such a remarkable story. I just wish that it will continue.


I think that the problem with heroes is the amount of breaks they have and when they return, there is not enough marketing telling us when heroes will return, so many don't watch it. Also Netflix and nbc.com air the show after its been shown so many just wait to see it at their utmost convenience.


what the fuck is up with cancelling heroes. in my house its like the only thing keeping everything at bay. so please bring the show back have it so the puppet guy and samual break out of the company. then have a new ability added like... one that can disable anyones ability for how ever long the doner choses. then use this ability on clair that way it makes it so bennit, petter, sylar, matt, and a few other random off the wall main characters come in then just keep taking powers away. after thats done make that one deff chick (sorry forgot her name)
a doctor and have her ability evolve into something that she can control to use it for anything. thus increasing views possibly.
putting a nother outstanding plot.
introdusing the old characters to the new. oh and have hiro go back in time and start the hole thing axidently. that would be fun to see him have to solve it like he did in season 2 or 3(sorry been spacing out latly. oh and sorry for the harsh word just i think cancelling this show will make nbc lose a lot more then 6 million vewrs. so stick that in you ass and injoy it NBC.ha ha ha


The writing did suffer during the strike, less said the better. During that time you lost many fans that are reluctant to come back regardless of how much Heroes has returned to its original comic book taughtness. But there is a lot to love here in the photography, the script and the way the actors have really gotten comfortable with eachother. Heroes is unique the way that Buffy TVS was for Joss Whedon. The problem seems to be the first season was so good, it is impossible to match. NBC probably won't give it another chance at this point, but another network might if you pare down the production costs and refocus on the core characters. We need Hero/Ando, Noah/Claire and Peter/Sylar, and Matt, just because he's my fave, and something bigger than Samuel's plan has to be at stake. Go back to your original source material, talk to your actors. If you do that, I think you might win back those lost fans. Even if this really is the last season, I loved it. DVD Box set here I come.
Thanks and good luck,


please bring back Peters EM ability. the show is meant to be a showdown, Heroes vs. Villians... With the ALL POWERFUL Peter and his Heroes Vs. the all powerful Sylar and his Villians. it is has simple has that.


To Heroes creator Tim Kring, the writers, the cast, crew and NBC/Universal Studios:
It won’t be bad that for you NBC, Kring and the writers of HEROES, always that you approve, to open a poll for at least one week in your HEROES official website for us fans to present you any fan made plot or what we hope for the show, always that its related in many details to the show's story, characters and where the show has headed by now, becoming a support material or inspiration for you of what we might expect of the show and help with ideas, but with legal consideration that all data of us fans that sends the material to be given to you as a condition (taking in consideration to people that aren’t from United States allowing them to access as well), that he/she won’t receive any payment and any right to sue treats to the company if it’s used or not, obviously with NBC’s lawyer’s approval off course with in all terms of lawsuit that all material written or given to that poll will belong to NBC/Universal Studios. For an approval of the material the studio should ask us certain paperwork about things to be consider, like our vote credential of the countries we come from, even a copy of our passport, home proves and a way they can contact us like our hotmail accounts, since we would be the one using characters that are under the rights or Tim Kring and NBC/Universal Studios. I know this might never happen; it would be a disaster at the studio, but if you where to open a poll it might becomes for you a new strategy for the show as a possible way to bring the ratings up again in a possible new season with the help of the fans, and if you agree at least make it official.
Still, please NBC and creator Tim Kring, allow fans to give you support, since the payment you have always given us is this awesome show, please don’t cancel it without an ending, right now I’m working on something that could be used as a potential final season support where I would be honored to give you. This material I’m doing for you as a present as an act of kindness regards many plot holes left behind and many other characters that are still on the show or have been written off without a proper ending or goodbye as I see it, but is much more specially in two well beloved actors that we fans become to love since the pilot, where one is about to leave, but could be given a chance to come back in a new way, and he isn’t coming out from the grave, and a way that the HEROES family stays as it has always been. The material I have been doing by now consists of 7 pages of no dialogue, since that belongs to the real creator Tim Kring and the official writers of HEROES, and I have done a total of 23 sketches regarding those 7 pages as material for the special effects scenes, that are a total of two only.
I’m from a state called Tamaulipas in Mexico, the country where I think to be the only fan left, and I know you might say, “WHO CARES� and some would say “WHAT A WASTE OF TIME�, and U R right, but still I can hope that this reaches NBC/Universal as a way to support HEROES.
Thanks again to creator Tim Kring and NBC for giving us this awesome show you have given us all this years.


For all the crap that we give the writers and how bad a job they are doing, I don't think many of us realize just how well they have actually done. 1. In "Five Years Gone" of season 1, there was a mention of Casandra leaving Noah. Nathan decided to round up all the people with abilities. Sylar killed Nathan and took his place. 2. Getting rid of Peter's original power forced the writer's to think more creatively. Now they have to wonder how Peter is going to get out of a certain situation rather than pulling a random power out of his ass. 3. "Kill off more people" you say. Daphne, Nathan, Danko, Nathan, Knox, Nathan, Arthur, Jeremy, soon-to-be-Nathan, Mohinder, and Adam. All of those, except for two of the Nathans, were after season 2. 4. Hiro not being the badass neo-ronin is because he didn't need to be. He did that after Ando died, which he didn't, so Hiro didn't become that. 5. Once Samuel's plans are finally fully revealed, I am sure that they are working for one giant collective "Oooohhh!" Suspence anyone? 6. We should all be thankful that there is no one whose powers resemble a vampire. 7. If Noah Bennet were ever to have a power, it would be the power of Awesome. He is able to deal with all of these people who have abilities and they are still AFRAID of him. He is one badass dude. With the show coming to a close I know that many of you are pondering "Was it all worth it?" But when I see those letters on the screen form the sentence "End of Volume Five" I will stand and shout "YES IT WAS!"


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