NBC Source: This Will Be Final Season of Heroes

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The following announcement doesn't come as a shock, but it's still disheartening for those of us that have watched Heroes from the start:

A source at NBC is confident this will be the final season of the show.

"There isn't much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a 'final chapter' feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang," the insider told airlockalpha.com.

During its first season, Heroes peaked around 15 million viewers. These days, it averages approximately six million.

Hospitalized Hiro

Hiro represents the downfall of Heroes. The character has been wasted for three seasons now.

The show does have a loyal fan base, however, which includes some at NBC the source said. Just not anyone high up at the company.

"To keep a show like this going despite its numbers requires some nostalgic connection to it, and while there are a lot of people here who were part of bringing Heroes to the air, they are not in the decision-making capacities," said the insider, adding what many fans have feared for many months:

"I don't think this should surprise anybody. The writing has been on the wall for some time."

Nothing is finalized, of course. If Tim Kring is reading this right now, how would you advise him to improve the show in order to keep it on the air?

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1) have a battle the death, betwen peter and nathen as gabreal aka sayler. Have peter get his scare by the dud with the knives. 2) after the fhight to the death between peter an sayler, have Hiro save chalie. Tern mohinder in to a badguy. 3) make matt parkmen die by sayler,after matt kills samual.4) kill mr. Benet after he saves clair from death. Have clair get married, to her frined from season one. Let them have a son named juded.5) kill peter, by saving the world on the last eclipes.6) make ando in to a hero, by giving up his life for hiro. 6) have a news report, based in the futere about honering the heroes that saved the world. Then you see an old hiro nakamor come out of a bildind to look up at 4 golden statues of his old frindes. The statues are of matt parkmen, mr.Benet , Ando,and the all power full leader Peter.


I LOVE the carnival spin on the show. Why can't they be the bad guys. Have Sylar get his creepy badness back and join them. Hiro and Peter are the best good guys. Please please keep them but Hiro needs to develop more into the major sword wielding bad ass of time and space we KNOW he can be. Why the hell did anyone agree to make Sylar into Nathan? It didn't make any sense based on previous character actions. The episodes with Micah as the hacker were brilliant. Bring him back! We didn't need flashbacks of Noah deciding to have an affair or not during the recent Texas episode. Gah! Who cares!? His character has been developed. More action please!


Get rid of Claire, please.


If Tim really is reading this then I just have a few comments. There is a LOT that is right with the show (Sylar is the bomb and is written better than any other character by far). He's not really using his powers this year and is still ridiculously funny and relevant. I like the addition of Samuel and some of the others in the Carnival. HRG might be the best overall actor without a power and I still find him relevant. I love the diversity on the show (Japanese-you even reiterate getting it right vs. Chinese in the script, African, Black, White, and this season, having someone who is truly deaf, etc). Time travel is also great and it's the great equalizer. What isn't working is focus. Seems like because there is time travel anything can happen and the story lines are too caught up in anything happening instead of making a decision on what's going to happen and sticking to it. Keep time travel in, but make it have a purpose don't make it keep all doors open all the time. I'm starting to think the goal is how many cultures we can expose our audience to, which is fine, but not the reason we watch. Get back to basics..focus on the story lines and not where they are from. And in this way I'll be contracting myself b/c you have too much focus on her, but Claire, seriously enough is enough. Have her start kicking some butt, get her out of college and some third rate Halloween meets National Lampoon's storyline and make her relevant again. Ando and Hiro, old, old, old. What happened to Ando's powers? Seriously. And this gets to my other points...stop forgetting people's powers!!! Sylar can hear a pin drop by killing the lady in the auto garage. In another episode AFTER this the one where the guy can create a vortex, he can't hear HRG telling the guy to send Sylar away and there are a LOT more examples of that... Angela is old and irrelevant, kill her off. I agree with everyone before this post PETER NEEDS ALL OF HIS POWERS BACK!!! Maybe you're working on this, but it's taking too long. Do it next week if you can! TIE UP LOOSE ENDS!!! What happened to Angela's sister? Why is Micah a Rebel one year and out the next? Where is 'Ba ba' who is the 3rd Niki, Tracy, triplet? What happened to the muscle mimic girl? Did Sylar's dad really die? The Haitian...is he chillin in Tahiti and does only cameos once a season now? Is Maya off killing people in Latin America or were her powers truly removed? What happened to Charles (Richard Roundtree) and all the people in the picture for that matter? I know he died of course, but how? Why? Wait a minute, who is everyone in the picture? Did we see everyone? Seriously! You're better than this man! The problem is you created expectations for us when you showed us the Heroes 5 years into the future and have done nothing to validate or dismiss this as a possible future. I think a lot of people liked that future and could envision the characters developing towards that future. Instead we are wallowing in a lot of indecision, doubt, and open endings. Make a decision and get the series back into relevancy. That being said, I still watch every week hoping you will do at least one of these things I've mentioned. Also, maybe it doesn't make a difference to you at all, but if you didn't have Sylar, I would have stopped watching the show 2 seasons ago. That's not a big deal when there are other interesting characters, but bottom line, there really aren't. Change it or keeping in Star Trek theme with Zachary Quinto, his predecessor Jean Luc Picard would say "Make it so"!


Tim, NBC, and writers of Heroes: 1. Give Peter his original power's back. The show obviously went down hill when he lost them. There's posts all over this site from various fans that support that. 2. The graphic novels have been pretty good throughout the seasons, however most of this content is never shown on tv. I can see making something extra for the hardcore fans, but at this point the story in the graphic novels is way more developed than the tv show. Don't let the good stuff go to waste. 3. Hiro needs to get his sword back, be healed from cancer, and take down everyone in the carnival one-by-one until he can get Charlie back. Samuel, seems to be the only interesting one, so he can be the bad guy who always seems to get away. 4. What about all the other people with powers in this world you've created? Pick up the pace with the characters we already know, and start introducing stories of other people who have developed powers and have learned how to use them. Go back to Peter, Hiro, and Claire, a few times in a season when something actually important happens to them, but give the show more variety. Peter and Hiro are my favorite characters, but there's only a handful of choices to pick from. Everyone keeps saying they want better villains, but what about some better Heroes? 5. If Tim Kring actually did read the comments on this site. Not only would it make his job easier, but the show wouldn't even be considered for cancelation. It's one thing to want to make a show go into an unexpected and suprising direction. But to completely ignore the fans of your own show, when at this point we would rather see something obvious and expected (like Peter getting his original power's back), is just begging for cancellation.


I disagree with everyone saying Peter needs his powers back. I think that with a strong bad guy it would be best not to have a good guy with the same amount of powers. This is because it forces all of the good guys to band together to stop him/her. If Peter and, say Sylar have the same level of power, what is the point of the other characters even existing other than to be something to watch when they aren't having a showdown. I dunno, that's my opinion, for what its worth.


This show can't end! It's the best show on tv right now! I'll stop watching tv if it ends!


Hmm i wonder why Tim Kring lost interest in doing the episode3 of season2 (well if that's really you who commented). The story is good but too much twist and turns on the role of each heroes. Hey Tony, be the one to produce the movie if you want to.. lol


Damn !!!! Y !!!!!!!!!! shit ! ! ! anyway I want to see Barbara and Niki back !!!!! very angry!!!!!


NBC, Thanks for inspiring us with the sci-fi tele novel. All I can say if this is really the final then have the final season on the BIG SCREEN. I know people would love that and it's going to be a box office. Good luck to the all the cast and crew. Right on, my heroes....


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Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
Hiro: Because I'm special.
Ando: Well, I'm not special
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