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NCIS Preview: "Good Cop, Bad Cop"

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This season of NCIS kicked off with Ziva re-joining the team.

Next week's new episode, meanwhile, will focus on a controversy that arises surrounding this key member: she has a connection to a deceased Marine.

Watch the official CBS trailer for "Good Cop, Bad Cop" below:

[video url="" title="Good Cop, Bad Cop Trailer"] [/video]

As always, we'll recap this hour in full soon after it ends. Visit TV Fanatic for the latest NCIS quotes, spoilers and photos.

For now, click on the following pics for an early look at a few scenes from the installment:

Good Cop, Bad Cop Photo
  • NCIS Meeting
  • Ziva David Picture
  • Pic from NCIS
  • Tension on the Team

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Special Agent Robert James "Bob" Bryan was a real life NCIS Agent for over 20 years. He provided firearms training to the cast of the show. He passed on September 21, 2009 at the age of 60,


At the end of the NCIS's episode title "Good Cop Bad Cop" the show was dedicated to the memory of Agent Robert "Bob" Bryan. Who was he? Thanks.

NCIS Quotes

You know what Tony is spelled backwards? Y not? Think about it


Pendergast: Call me Leia
Tony: Like the Princess.
Pendergast: I hate Star Wars.
Tony: Nobody hates Star Wars.
Pendergast: You do when your name is Leia, Agent DiNozzo

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