Penn Badgley Heats Up Cosmopolitan

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Starring in perhaps TV most fashionable show - and dating stylish co-star Blake Lively - has taught Penn Badgley a thing or two about fashion.

Well, at least regarding what it says about a person: “What a woman wears says a whole lot about her confidence,” Penn tells Cosmopolitan.

Penn includes sweater dresses and V-necks amongst his favorite items to see on any woman: "A sweaterdress really can be the sexiest thing."

"As a man, I just like the simpler things,” says the Gossip Girl star. “A plunging V-neck looks like she pulled it off the floor of a man’s bedroom."

"There’s something so sensual about it.”

Hot Penn Picture

Penn Badgley sizzles in the new Cosmpolitan.

Penn Badgley is even a fan of fall’s hottest shoes, the over-the-knee boot. “If a strong, secure girl wears thigh-high boots, it can be stunning and powerful.”

At least Blake knows her on-screen friend and off-screen love appreciates her style! Not that it's a huge chore for him to be dating Blake Lively, we imagine.

Click to enlarge two more sexy shots of the 22-year-old actor (and a mystery blonde model) from the magazine's recent feature on him ...

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Sexy Penn Picture

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the things i wouldn't do to him...let me give you a hint, its a short list.


This made me lol.


wowww !!!
damn boy you look HOT !!


The GG cast always ends up getting into these awful, awful photo shoots! So lame, and so sad. Aww.


LOL! but seriously, i'm starting to love this guy. he's just candid


LOOOL penn !! who is this ??? where is Blake from you LOOOL


Her name is Elsa Hosk and she's a Swedish model.


he does look hot but he still looks like he doing screen shots. At least Ed looks like a high fashion male model when he does photoshoots.


Does anybody know what this shoot is all about? Why is he all cuddly with this model? He looks hot though :P


he looks hilarious.

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