Private Practice Recap: "The Way We Were"

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Poor Violet.

A month has passed since the season premiere of Private Practice - or at least since the events shown on that episode took place - but no one has moved on. At all.

Violet feels nothing toward the baby she had stolen from her. Pete doesn't know how to get through to her, and Sheldon wants a place in her life (and the baby's).

Addison and Sam bond as they are mourning the same loss - Naomi - while Cooper has yet to visit his friend since he blames himself for what happened to her.

In short, everybody on Private Practice is a complete mess.

Follow the link for a recap of "The Way We Were."

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Who sang "God Only Knows" - the last song of the episode??? I only saw it for the first time tonight, never hearing this version & cannot find the correct artist. One site listed it as Bonnie Riatt -- but it is not the correct SONG!! This was my Wedding Song -- I would love to get the song. Thanks!!!!


Because a lot of us are not obsessed with Addison. We are obsessed with Violet and Pete. Agreed too. I only want to watch them. I like Cooper and Charlotte, but honestly, if it weren't for Violet and Pete, I would not watch either. I don't care if Addison is supposed to be the lead or if the show wouldn't exist without her. She is not why I watch and never will be.




Addison and Sam are SO SWEET. Kate Walsh is the BEST!!! She looked HOT!!!


The next two character of importance are Naomi and Sam b/c they are the friends of Addison, who is the lead.


I only watch for Addison. The reason this show exists.


Why does everyone claim to "only watch" for Pete and Violet? What about Addie, Naomi, Sam, Coop, Dell, Charlotte?? At LEAST Addison, gosh! This show is so much more than just two characters.


Agreed. They stole the show for sure. Those two are amazing, and they are the only reason why I watch. I love and adore Violet and Pete.


This episode was so intense, I really liked it. Pete and Violet are my favorite characters, I hope they can work through all this drama and find their happiness in the end. And OMG! The acting in the last 2 episodes was fantastic! Everybody was great, but Amy Brenneman and Tim Daly stole the show. They are brilliant actors.


I love Pete with Violet. Both of those characters are amazing! And the story right now is definitely heartbreaking. I am freaked out that the baby might be Sheldon's. I don't like him at all. Never have never will! Pete and Violet should be a family, and work through her trauma together.

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Private Practice Quotes

A lot of men have a joy of seeing me naked. A lot! Well, not a lot... I mean.. 8, Well... 11.


You ever been violated? Anybody rape you lately? Let me tell you what its like. You know those made for TV movies where some woman's crouched down naked in a shower holding her knees and sobbing because when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her? How when they show the attack the woman's eyes go all blank and still and she goes to some other place in her mind just to deal with the horror of what's happening to her while some Lillith Fair song plays. It is nothing like that. He's sturdy and sweaty and he licks your face and wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God. And then he goes at you again reaping stuff you didn't even know you had because he enjoyed it so much the first time. I know you're trying to help but if helping me means that everyone is gonna be looking at me the way you're looking at me now please do not help me.


Private Practice Music

  Song Artist
Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down in the valley Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
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