Private Practice Recap: "Right Here, Right Now"

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Last night, Private Practice received a special guest star as Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) continued her story arc from earlier in the evening at Seattle Grace. Yup, her patient on Grey's Anatomy had one last hope for a kidney transplant and that brought Bailey to L.A.

The reason it had to be L.A. is that the patient's HIV-infected sister was willing to part with a kidney. Problem is, that's extremely dangerous and also kind of illegal.

Bailey and Sam butted heads, but eventually saved the day. They also nearly kissed. OMG. We certainly didn't see that one coming, and we kind of wish they had!

Meanwhile, Addison was called out by Noah's wife, who totally figured it out. Perhaps most significantly, we finally, finally, finally know who Violet's baby daddy is!

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Operating Like Madmen

A handful of Private Practice quotes from last night ...

Sheldon: Where's Lucas?
Violet: I gave Lucas to Pete.
Sheldon: Gave to Pete to watch? Gave to Pete to babysit?
Violet: To live. | permalink
Cooper: Pete, I know your a dad now and the world's a big, scary place, but what the hell is going on? | permalink
Sam: My foot is down.
Bailey: Your foot is down? Well, you best pick it up and walk away from me! | permalink
Bailey: Are you a by-the-book chief or are you a do-what-it-takes-to-save-lives chief?
Charlotte: This kind of blatant manipulation typically work for you?
Bailey: Usually.
| permalink
Sam: I wasn't always the guy who sat and watched. | permalink
Bailey: This place is better than a telenovela! | permalink

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I bet Sam is going to Seattle Grace as an cardiac surgeon (they need one there!) and will start a hot affaire with Bailey!


Much better episode! I loved all the Addie/Bailey/Sam scenes. Addison showing growth with admitting her mistakes and guilt was awesome.


Pretty good episode - I just wish they didn't leave us with Addie and Naomi BEGINNING to talk - I want to see their friendship come back, but at least that looks to be happening. Also, the Sam/Bailey thing was so annoying - I wanted him to kiss her!! But I understand why Shonda did it that way, considering what Bailey confessed to Addie at the end. Hope Violet starts to get better soon - I understand she's freaked out and depressed, but I hope she recovers sooner rather than later. Coop was great in this episode - FUNNY. And what is going on with Pete and the baby next week - is he giving the baby back to Vi?? Hmm.

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Private Practice Quotes

Having a conscience is brutal.


Lucas's mom is amazing.


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