Rebecca Budig: I'm Like the Brett Favre of Soap Operas!

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To the surprise of many, Rebecca Budig is returning to All My Children this winter.

It ought to be interesting to see how the actress reprises the role of Greenlee Smythe,  considering the character died in a motorcycle crash last year.

Debuting in January on the series, Budig spoke to TV Guide Magazine about the decision and made a humorous comparison to a certain pro quarterback. She said:

"I leave. I come back. [Laughs] I’m the Brett Favre of soaps. I think Greenlee went into a river. Or maybe a lake. I don’t know. Pine Valley is ridiculous. They even have a freakin’ ocean in that town. It’s a contract deal.

"[Executive producer] Julie Carruthers and I had a really nice conversation where she was feeling me out about coming back. I said, 'I’m open to returning, but I just want to make sure there will be a great story because it’s going to be right at the start of pilot season. I don’t want to commit to something that’s not worthwhile and fun.'"

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How might Greelee return?

"Good question,"Budig replied. "When I got the call about coming back, I said, “Tell me how you’re gonna get outta this one!” They said, “You got any ideas?” I’m, like, “Nooooope. Not a one. That why I act and you write. So what’s your pitch? Cause I ain’t got nothin’!”

All My Children viewers will need to tune in this January and find out.

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Rebecca, I love you as an actress, but what the heck are you thinking here!!!!! Unless we are getting back Greenlee with Leo, soul mates as everyone knows, the character is going to continue to get flushed down the toilet for the oaf you have no chemistry with. You're too good for this disater of a show.


For the life of me, I don't have a clue as to why Rebecca Budig would want to come back to AMC yet again, especially since this soap is on the fast track to nowhere/cancellation. She did all that she could with Greenlee, given with what she had to work with storyline-wise. ANd when she left last February, I was so happy for her. She finally had a chance to get her career back on track. (It had been stalled during the writers strike.) And now, with pilot season right around the corner she decides to commit to a conract role again on this horribly written soap??? What on Earth is she thinking?! I don't care what the producers or the writers promised her, she's in for yet another boring ride. IMO, she is amking a HUGE mistake. She's gorgeous and she's super talented. She should be trying everything in her power to land another pilot on primetime. Instead, she insists on pigeon-holing herself in this one role that has run it's course a long time ago. (She should have left for good back in 2002 along with her former leading man and now-rising film star, Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo). I don't know if she needs a new agent, manager or whatever, because clearly they are not giving her the best advice for her career. Rebecca, wake up and smell the coffee! Get out while you still can! ;)

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