Savanna Samson to Play X-Rated Liz on 30 Rock

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As we reported earlier, Jack and Liz will hook up on 30 Rock this week.

Porn Jack and Porn Liz, that is.

Adult film star Savanna Samson will cross over into the mainstream with an upcoming appearance on Emmy Award-winning NBC comedy as the XXX version of Liz Lemon.

If you're wondering how this came about, Tracy gets upset at real Liz for a comment about him in her new book, so he buys the rights to her life story in retaliation, and having done so, obviously decides to tell the story of Liz Lemon via pornographic film.

Savanna Samson

Samson, a New Yorker, has been a fan of Fey since she was on Saturday Night Live. "My entire experience working with 30 Rock was fun from beginning to end,” she said.

“It's really an honor to play the porn version of the Tina Fey character as I've admired her for years on Saturday Night Live and I love what she's done with this series.”

Samson’s latest film is I Was a Teenage MILF, available via Vivid Entertainment. Can you really be a MILF if you're a teen, even if it's technically true? Come on Vivid.

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