The Mentalist: Casting for a New CBI Member

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There's no new episode of The Mentalist this week, but there is news for fans to contemplate.

According to a CBS casting notice, the drama will add a new regular to the CBI unit in early 2010.

Chopper Ride

The character, Agent Beth Scott, is described as a forty-something, authoritative African American woman. She's a veteran in the California Bureau of Investigations headquarters and may remain on the show beyond this season.

The scoop raises two questions:

  1. Is someone leaving the team?
  2. Who should play the new character?

We await your answers and suggestions.

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No one of the five can leave, but Bosco NEEDS to...ugh.


No one is saying that one of the five are leaving. They'd have no reason to. Baker can't leave, Tunney has been discussing future seasons so I don't think she would, and I've read stuff with the other three and it doesn't seem that they aren't enjoying themselves. This is one of the only crime dramas where I like everyone. If anyone leaves, it's probably Minelli. Though he may be the one that dies in the ninth episode although I wish it'd be Bosco. I can't stand him.


do not get rid of amanda.


do not get rid of any of the main five especialy amanda


It's probably Minelli...just saying. It's very unlikely to be any of the main five. Plus it would probably piss a few people off...


I think Marianne Jean-Baptiste would be an excellent choice for this role. She played Vivian Johnson in 'Without A Trace' and portrayed that character amazingly well. I can't imagine why any of the current actors would want to leave - they're barely into Season 2!


They can do whatever so long as no original cast members leave. That will just irk me! Too invested in them already!!

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