True Blood Season Three Scoop: Werewolves and More!

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Lesbian vampires queens. Orgies. Weird, scary Maenads with claws and the ability to hypnotize everyone around them.

True Blood most certainly upped the strangeness quotient on season two, but fans that worry the HBO will return to normal next year can find comfort in an interview creator Alan Ball gave this week to TV Guide Magazine. He said:

“After last season you would think things would sort of return to normal – but no, that’s not going to happen! There’s just as much weird stuff out there, and we’re going to meet some werewolves for the first time; we’re going to find out some roles vampires played in history, which is interesting and shocking and funny. It’s more of the same.”

Maryann and Her Bridesmaid

Ball added that the relationship between Sookie and Bill will remain at the forefront of the drama, but  several supporting characters will receive more air time.

“Definitely Eric has broken out and is a big important character now. Jessica and Hoyt are still trying to deal with everything that happened to them, and Arlene and Terry are going to have a little bit more of a life and more of a presence on the show," he said.

The background of Alan Trammell's Sam Merlotte will also be explored, the actor said.

"[Season three is] going to explore my relatives and the sort of sketchy, shapeshifter-y people in my family, and that’s going to be more torture for Sam. I’m sure they’re not going to be good people.”

Viewers will find out in the summer of 2010, when True Blood returns to HBO.

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I would like to see GODRIC return!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bill is doing everything Eric funny...Bill staked Longshadow so they could bring in the Jessica character...what is "everything else" that Bill did in place of Eric??? EL are so afraid Bill is going to outshine him...wouldn't be hard..and AB has read the books...and Charlaine still has not said who Sookie ends up with...3 more books, and Bill rescued Sookie and where was Eric???? Missing again...and Bill is still in the picture..


OMG, Mom! What can I say, people love Bill! LOL


I can't believe that Alan Ball insists on making Eric's character the "bad guy" and gives credit to Bill for everything that Eric does in the books. (i.e. - Killing Longshadow) I understand that in the TV show the relationship between Bill and Sookie is first and foremost, but read the books, Mr. Ball. I didn't like the take on Marianne (Calista in the books), the Meanad. I think he took it too far and it really got to be a bit much. There is a serious relationship between Sookie and Eric and he is totally disregarding it.

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