Two More Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Crossovers to Come?

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Was Chandra Wilson's awesome stint on Private Practice just the first of several such crossovers to come this season on Shonda Rhimes' sister shows? Here's E!'s latest ...

Q: I loved last week's Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover with Bailey! She killed it. Is there anything good you can share on Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice?

A: I'm told by insiders that there should be at least two more crossovers before the season is through, though they have yet to hammer out specific details.

Who do you think should do the crossing honors?

As for one particular rumor going around - that there will be an upcoming plot involving for Justin Walker (Dave Annable) of Brothers & Sisters to cross over to Private Practice (Justin is now in medical school), a rep at ABC says that's actually not happening.

Aww. Too bad. But there are other good options.

Lexie and Bailey

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Jesse james

Would love to see:
1) Callie and Arizona on "Private Practice"
2) Derek and Meredith & Christina and Owen on "Private Practice" for like a trip or some huge medical case that Addison needs help with.
3) Cooper and Charlotte with Addison on "Grey's Anatomy" somehow.
4) Pete and Violet with Addison on "Grey's Anatomy"
5) Alex on "Private Practice"
6) Have Izzie return for an episode and be on both "Grey's Anatomy" to see Alex and then go work for Addison on "Private Practice" or have Addison help her get pregnant or something.


I think it would be awsome for Callie and AZ both to have to go to O/S to work. That away Addison would get to meet AZ and Callie and Addison would get to visit. It has been so long since they got to spend anytime together. And Callie needs her best friend. They are so sweet together.


I would Love to see Callie crossing over to PP and of course Addie has to go back to Seattle. I totally miss her on Grey's.


I love both shows. GA is great and PP is getting awesome. However, a couple more crossovers? I do agree with the previous posts that this could be that there is a huge possibility that maybe Derek and Mark will be heading to LA to bring Sam to SGH. I really do hope so, although I don't know if that storyline can be divided in two. I sometimes to hope that they would let this shows breathe on their own but I was surprised by how good the first crossover was. My question would be: is it crossover like in S5 or just a character flying to the other's place?


Amanda, I totally agree with you. That's the exact feeling I had after downloading and watching the PP episode today. It's too much of a coincidence that Sam and Miranda have chemistry and he suddenly turns out to be a cardio surgeon. Also, he's barely had a storyline the last season, he's just there in the background, never doing anything about his life, as Miranda pointed out. Besides, him leaving for Seattle would make room for Naomi coming back to Oceanside. Did anyone else find it sad that Bailey had to cross over to PP to become Bailey again? I miss her old energy on Grey's!


For some reason after I finished watching private practice last week I couldn't help but think it was absolutely perfect how Taye Diggs suddenly is picking up cardio again, how he hit it off with Bailey and how Christina is in need of a Cardio god to learn from.. Do I smell possible permanent crossover for Taye? It would be too much sense, especially considering what exactly does Taye do on Private practice anymore besides occasionally display the fact that he still has a candle burning for Naomi? Would only make too much sense especially given two people at Seattle/Mercy are in need of his services :D


They should callie, derek or the chief. They have a cpecial band.


They totally should send Callie over there, Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez had such an amazing chemistry....but I guess it doesn't matter as long as the cross-over is well-written :)


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