We Know Who Will Be Killed on Dexter

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Major Dexter spoiler alert!

It's been known for weeks that a major character will be killed this season on the Showtime hit. Last month, we guessed it would be Quinn. We were wrong.

Follow this article's jump to discovery who is going down for the eternal count.

Before the halfway point of season four, Deb will be shot, but the individual she is with at the time will be killed: Frank Lundy.

The poor guy retires, continues to search for The Trinity Killer to benefit his fellow citizens... and this is the thanks he gets?!? Tough break.


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It's none of the above
Lundy was killed by QUIN's Girlfriend, who is the DAUGHTER of Trinity!!!
Trinity couldnt have done it, because he is too tall for the agle of the shooting to be correct.
I think the daughter killed lundi to protect her father from getting caught. She is as messed up as he is.
the fact that half the time she is naked in the show indicates that: no good character (and one who is going to stay awhile in the show) is shown in that way. She is just a temp and thus has to go naked. Sometimes the simple economics of a show tip their hand... It's like when you watch the closer and a very good actor is playing what seems in the beginning to be a small role: be sure he is going to be the killer later on :) (for instance the guy who was the leader of the "chosen" in lost played a part in one of those crime investigation episode series, and i directly knew he was the one :) (and i was right :p)


I don't think it was trinity at all, I think it was Anton, Debra's boyfriend. It would explain why the shooter can hit a man in the chest and spare Debra despite her being closer and the motive would be jealousy towards Lundy.


omg he's the one the trinity after, it makes sense. The third victim is supposedly a man so it fits. I think it's a great twist. I like it. The only sad thing is then that the best serial killer hunter will dissapear what will make Dexter a little bit less paranoid. It still was great in the last episodes where Frank Lundy talks about the hunt for serial killers, that it's make really flow the blood with him. Frank Lundy, Dexter and the Trinity killer are a like. They have different motives. But they all have a weight on their shoulders that they can simply not deny. R.I.P Frank Lundy


That's a damn shame. What a waste of great character and an even better actor.


Are you sure about this? the other articles I've read concerning this Dexter story line say that the person shot but not killed is with Lundy when he dies. Why would rita ever be in a place with Frank Lundy? I think it makes far more sense that it would be Deb that gets shot.

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