What Does the Celtic Symbol on Eastwick Mean?

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Eastwick may never create the online buzz of Lost, but the show is taking a page from its fellow ABC drama.

While the latter series intrigues viewers with the Dharma Initiative logo, Eastwick has flashed shots of an altered Celtic symbol that “is connected to witchcraft in Eastwick and will recur throughout the series as an unfolding mystery,” according to producer Maggie Friedman.

Eastwick Symbol

Added Friedman, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine:

“We will find out what it can do magically and how it is connected to our various characters.”

So far, the symbol has appeared on the cover of an ancient book of spells and at the end of a branding stick. Reportedly, its three branches are connected to a trio of witches, including Eleanor and Bun; the third witch will be revealed mid-season.

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The symbol represents maiden mother and crone the three aspects of the triple Goddess which trancends to the life cycle of women. The spiral itself represents the never ending cycle of life and the womb of the Goddess.


It's an ancient Celtic symbol which refers to the "Power of Three" - a vital tenant of the art of witchcraft. And Robyn? They are called Tarot Cards :-)


OMG, don't freak out Robyn. The symbol abvoiusly has different meaning to everyone. To me, it is the Trinity Medallion. I learned about it at church. The small triangle made in between the three swirls is the trinity symbol. The symbol could have a different meaning on this show, but who knows, I hope they tell us soon! Still wondering,
Peace Girl


I read witch cards for friends, and I have for over 20 years, I'm told I am good at it, I do it for fun, and only for friends....This is sooo weird....this symbol...I'm watching this new show "Eastwick" and OMG I have this exact symbol tatooed on my neck...not even off a little...it is Exactly. I hope it doesn't truly mean A Celtic Witch because I tatooed it thinking it was a Celtic Motherhood symbol...(as I am Scottish and a mother of three boys). Now I wonder what is the true meaning and is it fate telling me something....OMG I'm freaking out....

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