Who's Your Favorite Real-Life Gossip Girl Couple?

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This is random, but we think you'll have fun with it anyway. We often debate the merits of Gossip Girl couples, but which real-life pairing is your favorite?

Not that there's a wrong answer, really.

You have to love the fact that three different pairs of co-stars are currently dating - and not dating who their Gossip Girl characters are (at least right now).

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have been an item since way back when Dan and Serena were a thing. Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are a couple, as well.

Rounding out our survey are Leighton Meester and recurring guest star Sebastian Stan (Carter). All seem happy and more stable than their GG alter egos!

There's still hope for you (age appropriate) single guys and girls: We think Chace Crawford, Michelle Trachtenberg, Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo are single.

As for the three aforementioned pairs, who's your fave? Vote below!

Standing By Her Man
Leighton Meester, Sebastian Stan

Who's your favorite real-life Gossip Girl couple?

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I love them all but the best is easy to choose!
Of course Blake & Penn (and of course Dan & Serena;)) They're ideal 4 each other! Just look @ pics from Mexico! These 2 just cant get enough of 1 another! Amazing! Keep it up sweeties!


i wish leighton and ed were an option!


My opinion: Gay Chace Crawford loves Whore Blake Lively. I am sure


@ killdan...omg ..i dont know but i really find penn good looking!he is more goodlooking than ed absolutly! and i o not find it impossible fo dan and serena to be a couple..in my country there was this tv show where a 2 teenagers are in love and have a baby even if they share a sibling and their parents are married!


@postergirl 13 year old girls should not be allowed to use a computer. Ed and Jessica are adorable and obviously very much in love. Penn and Blake are also very cute. I don't really like Leighton. So I'm not going to vote for her and Sebastian.


@postergirl...definitely not me!
maybe her friends and family? LOL
who else...


who the hell voted for that skank Jessica??


Ed Westwick looks like a dead ringer of Pete Doherty in that pic.


at the first pic: it looks like he's gonna swallow a dick. im just saying.


i don't get what Blake sees in Penn.
obviously he's not good-looking, seriously???
he's so ugly plus the whole BUFF BODY thing doesn't suit him. its like he has man boobies!
he's got crooked nose and what's with the shape of his head??
the best couple would be Sebastian And Leighton, although Ed and Leighton would be amazing together!!!! dan and serena will not gonna get together.. having a relationship with someone you share a sibling with??? how creepy and awkward is that???
dan and serena fans ignore this kinds of things because they want them to be together, but seriously??? if it were you,would you want something like that??? it would totally freak you out! Penn and Jessica, well, they can have each other and LIVE in LOSERS WORLD!!! both ugly looking people.


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