90210 Casting for Teddy's Father, Famous Pop Singer

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In early 2010, 90210 will feature a pair of famous faces. Or at least a pair of fictional famous faces.

Allow us to explain.

The CW sent out a casting notice this week for Teddy's father, Spencer Montgomery. As the show has mentioned numerous times, he's a major, Academy Award-winning star. Look for him to appear in at least four episodes.

Teddy Montgomery

Meanwhile, 90210 is also seeking an actor to play a character named Jonah. He's a well-known pop singer that will romance a series regular for a few weeks.

Any suggestions on who should take on these roles? Leave a comment below and/or respond in our 90210 forum!

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I think the person that said Carlisle from Twilight and Adam Brody are who should play them. They are the perfect people take them.


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Peter Facinelli is looks too young to be Teddy's dad, but I REALLY want him on the show!!! He could be the new teacher there and hook up with Kelly. :)


they can't cast peter facinelli b/c teddy seems more older than him if they cast someone that can be robert redford he could be he's dad!
and apparently the pop singer should be latino


I know they havent done a cross over yet. But seeming that 90210 and Melrose are "from the same world" - as in, in the originals it started with kelly taylor on melrose... dont you think they could be more creative with their names?? Atleast don't pick one of the main character names - jonah?? kinda stupid. I know more than 1 person can have the same name. But still..


they should have Carlisle from Twilight (jennie garth's husband) play Teddys Dad!!!! and adam brody play the pop singer

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