90210 Clip: The Return of Sixon?!?

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As fans head home for Thanksgiving this week, 90210 will take a break.

But soon after viewers fill up on turkey, the show returns on December 1 with an episode that will whet the appetite's of Sixon fans everywhere.

Indeed, the trailer for "And Away They Go" focuses on Liam and company's plans to take down Jen. But at least one scene during the hour teases a reconciliation between Silver and Dixon, much to the chagrin of Teddy.

Check it out now:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/and-away-they-go-clip/" title="And Away They Go Clip"] [/video]

In a recent interview, Jessica Stroup (Silver) made it clear that Dixon "is not out of the picture" for her character.

Surprisingly, a majority of 90210 fans appear to think Silver should date Teddy next, as opposed to her ex-boyfriend with whom she broke up earlier this season. Do you have a preference?

Let it be heard NOW!

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Dixson and silver look so so great together. I was upset about their break up. Dixson should should use a genuine way to get silver back so that they would be together forever. looking at how they moved in season 1, it was awesome. All my friend who watched season 1 were hooked to this series because of dixson and silver. As soon as dixson and silver broke up they lost interest for the series. Seeing dixson and Silver back together would ignite their interest for the series


Dixon and Silver were my favorite couple. I wish so badly that they will get back together. Teddy is not right for her at all. He should go away. He messes with everyone and Silver deserves better. I am so glad that Sasha is out of the show because she was just annoying. Sixon FOREVER !


DIXON AND SILVER....DUh! They are perfect for each other.
Teddy is a jerk...I though he wasn't looking for a relationship? Isn't that what he told Ade?
It seems as if Teddy destroys everyones relationship. Its cool if they remain friends, but i can't see them dating.


Teddy/ Silver is fine as long as Dixon comes to Silver's rescue, gets in a fight with Teddy,SIlver chooses Dixon over Lam-o Teddy, and Sixon live happily ever after


sixon forever


Fully Crap!! if she dates with teddy seriously its gonna looks so lame..
watch season1 where silver/dixon look amazing together.. she should go with dixon!!!
the look so cute with each other and teddy is not the good guy for her..
so my suggestion is let them back together... and those who want teddy/silver!! just need to memorize season1


BIG SPOILER AND TRUE : you know what silver get to choose teddy an stay friend with dixon dixon mother's back and after he gonna date with ivy!
but Even if Sixon are done that season I hope on season 3 they back!
and Silver go to get jaleous about all the ex girlfriend of Teddy and he have a lot!! dixon don't need to date with specifically black girl tim I think it's cool to see some interacial relationship! Sixon


i'm so pissed that dixon's going to crawl back to silver after the whole sasha thing, it's just so predictable. I hope we get to see silver and teddy give a relationship a go, i think they'd make a great couple, and it would bring tension with Adrianna. The boy who doesn't do relationships should change his tune, would make for good drama.


i like the silver and teddy story, but i think it is more important for dixon to date someone else. the writers really dropped the ball with his storyline with sasha. he should date black girls. dixon's character has a lot of potential with the interracial adoption. they could introduce a new black girl from high school for him to date. he ingratiates himself into her black family, instant identity crisis. could turn into a good story between the entire family.



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I'm gonna kill Dixon.