90210 Round Table: "To Thine Own Self Be True"

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You've already read our 90210 review of the episode "To Thine Own Self Be True."

But that was just one writer's opinion.

In our weekly Round Table discussion a trio of TV Fanatics gather to analyze various character and plot developments. We encourage readers to play along, either in the comments section below or in our 90210 forum...

Were Debbie and Harry too harsh on Jasper?
M.L. House: Actually, yes. We know he's a drug dealer and, possibly, insane. But he actually have the Wilsons a heartfelt speech. The writers cheated a bit by having Debbie and Harry act like they knew the same things about Jasper as the audience did, simply due to one thing Dixon said.

Dr. Shepherd: Are you kidding? The guy is nuts! Debbie and Harry were too nice, if you ask me. They should lock Annie in her room.

The Barnacle: No. Jasper has to prove himself to the parents of his girlfriend, not the other way around.

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What does Ryan see in Jen?
M.L. House: I have no idea.

Dr. Shepherd: This relationship has gone nowhere. It was never believable that Ryan would truly fall for Jen. Moreover, we've seen her do far too many deceptive things to feel an ounce of sympathy for the character when she comes clean a bit, as she did this week.

The Barnacle: The only things I can come up with aren't clean enough for a family website.

Should Liam go for Ivy or Naomi?
M.L. House: Naomi. It was totally out of character for him to apologize like he did last night. The fact that he's filled with so much regret means he clearly has real feelings for her.

Dr. Shepherd: Ivy. These two hooked up one night, he's talked about sex with another woman since and she hasn't bugged out or freaked on Liam once. This girl is the coolest!

The Barnacle: As Gossip Girl showed us last week, why choose? Go for both, dude!

Were you sad to see Jackie pass away?
M.L. House: Of course. What am I, a robot? Jennie Garth was spectacular in her final scene with her dying, on-screen mother.

Dr. Shepherd: Not really. I watch this show for teenage drama, sex and angst. I'd rather watch Silver couple up with Teddy than cry over mommy.

The Barnacle: Does Teddy have abs that would turn Sean Hannity gay? Of course.

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what about navid?! ps: I'm sick of them pushing all the bad stories on ade! they should leave her alon, let her be happy!!


1.Were Debbie and Harry too harsh on Jasper
a: no!! if anything they were too soft. 2:What does Ryan see in Jen?
a: idk , but the idea of her falling for him, then he leaving her and breaking her heart into many small peices excites me!! 3.Should Liam go for Ivy or Naomi?
a: ivy that girl is cool 4.Were you sad to see Jackie pass away?
A: no, but it was great for silver and jennie garth connect.


Anne are you using a translator to post here? Because I can't understand anything you say "the potatoes were very strong" I think you meant "parents" and you used a translator (papás - potatoes?)


ok my opinion as number 1 of 90210 fans, if I think the potatoes were very strong annie just for something that Dixon said, naomi liam should be with this couple is very good and really want and like, what of yvi this well for the moment, and not a guy who judge anyone by that was not going to run with it besides the confession of the series gives an opening to gay themes. jen Nor has this woman is a total bad seed.
and the drama of the death of the breast of silver, interesting and very dramatic, kelly lo maximo me mourn. but where this Adrianna in this episode, but I need it on stage and all my friends say the same.
your problem is more serious than that posed here, I've had friends who fall into drugs and is much more serious about this, relapse is always worse than the first stage of consumption, the next chapter is that everything is resolved and she leaves magic drugs without consequences, without missing classes, etc.. without losing friends. very basic approach to their problem and in this chapter seems to be a guest artist and not an Owne


This weeks episode was great! I have to say though, that I like how Ivy doesn't seem to know the true reason for why Liam is so desperate to take down Jen. When she does find out, and he goes with Naomi (which we know from some pics) I wonder how the Ivy story will pan out.

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