All My Children Spoilers: November 16-20

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Sorry, Scott. It won't be a great week ahead for you on All My Children...

  • Madison, drugged, struggles to get a message to Jesse.
  • Adam tests Scott and Annie.
  • Adam tries to make amends with JR.
  • Twice the bad news for Scott (Adam Mayfield, pictured).
Adam Mayfield

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Hi There Adam MayFeild.
I Think What The Writer's Has Done to you & Too The Actress That Play's Marissa. They Way They Just Let you Go with out of The Fan's Knowing.Well It's Not Good to Lose Great actor's Like We Had Lost you & The an other Actress Marissa. Well YOu Brought Hope to Bring Scott Chandler to Live.Well Your's also a Great Step Dad to Emma. Your There to Listen to Emma if She Has a Promblem's.It's Nice to See you working along with Ryan & Annie.


Zack is wonderful he needs to stay and nobody could ever replace him I have been watching this show since 1976 at least the man who plays him I think his hames this Thorn fantastic irreplaceable unbeliveably great keep this man I would rather get rid of Kendall then see this Zack go


I do not like man playing Scott his mouth is a turn off you need to replace him


Happy Adam MayFeild,
I Think your a Great Scott Chandler. Because it's Nice to See a Chandler in a Great Mood. PLus The another Scott Scott Chandler is Helping out withHis One Cousin to Get Thought His Promblems. Well Miss you alot. IJust wanted to ask you what Dose Adam Mayfeild & Scott Chandler Have That The Same & Different. Too Get you to Pull it off on The Set.

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All My Children Quotes

Greenlee Smythe Lavery: Just - I tried to remember when we weren't stressed to the max. Our honeymoon may have been the best time ever. I was just hoping that maybe tonight we could feel like that for just a few hours, let you remember how much I love you, how happy I am that I'm your wife, just like that night.
Ryan Lavery: Come here.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: What? What are you...
Ryan Lavery: I remember everything. I remember it was going to be the first time that we made love as husband and wife. And I remember thinking to myself that my bullet wound was easy compared to waiting to make love to you. I wanted you so bad. I want you now. I want you right now.

Ryan: Do you feel that?
Gillian: Your heartbeat.
Ryan: OUR heartbeat.