Chuck and Blair: Twilight Style

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Thanks to the reader who sent this in. It's not new, but given this weekend's debut of New Moon, we thought it would be an appropriate time to post it - Chuck and Blair as Edward and Bella on the original poster for last year's Twilight ...

Twilight Chair

Whomever is responsible for this did a nice job with the editing. Talk about a hot couple ... Meestwick certainly gives Robsten a run for its seductive money!

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got 2 say chuck and blair are the hottest couple by far


they would have been a hotter twilight couple than edward & kristen.


yeah, me. thank you very much.
sure ed's a little less buff than rob, but he admitted he worked out soo much for that one scene so why couldn't ed do the same? Yeah they would have made ed work out like they told taylor lautner to work out and put on some muscles and they told rob patt to do so too because in another movie he is flabby.


rob is ugly shirtless. i hateed when he took his shirt off in the trailer, I threw up in my mouth. it was pale in ugly way unlike stephen moyer's or paul (VD's stefan). Twilight should be done over all the vampires in the movie are ugly including edward. no one can't act either. rob is soooo fugly.


Wow they would b the perfect vampire couple! :)


to all of you who are saying that twilight should be remade with these two, I disagree Ed Westwick would never play a stalker who creeps through your window at night while you sleep, be a sparkling gay dude who is also a 100+year old virgin. Leighton Meester would not be the weirdo freak that Bella is. Yes, I am a Twilight hater, go figure.


i think its weird. really weird


they both look so hot in this pic!!! its just crazy


@meestwick Totally agree. As much as I love Leighton and Ed, I think they've already done a perfect casting job for Twilight. Kristen is perfect for the role. So is Rob. Leighton will be too pretty and girly for Bella. I can't imagine her playing someone awkward. Her character is too strong. But I'm sure she will make Bella more likable, though.


the comparison between Chuck and Blair with Edward and Bella is a I like gossip girl Comparison with has nothing to do one thing with another


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