Damon Lindelof Teases Final Season of Lost

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In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, producer Damon Lindelof opens up about the final season of Lost.

Does he give away any spoilers? Of course not.

But until the most layered, mesmerizing show on television returns in January, this is the best we'll get. Here's what Lindelof had to say:

On season six: "All I can say is that we've spent the last five years answering the question 'Were you guys making it up as you go along? Do you know what you're doing?' It's a great comfort to know that in about six months people will stop asking us that question. They'll basically say 'You were making it up it as you went along;' Or they'll go 'Wow, you really had a plan.'"

Season Five Finale Picture

On a definitive conclusion: "There will not be a cut to black. It is not all in the dog's brain. I think the one thing that we're saying is that we're not leaving things open for a Lost movie. We are conclusively ending the story that we started... The whole reason that we asked for an end date was so that we could end it. That's what we're going to do."

On returning cast members: "I've heard rumors that Ian Somerhalder is coming back even though he's working on The Vampire Diaries. I've heard Dominic Monaghan is coming back... I do think it's safe to say that that final season of the show in a lot of ways is a curtain call for all the actors who kind of made these iconic performances and we're hoping that a lot of them come back for one final appearance."

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Thank you Damon, I think season 6 will mirror season 1 in that you will get to do what you wanted in the Pilot which is to have Jack die-I believe you knew what you wanted to do and had the plan mapped out from the very beginning...I think Jack makes the ultimate sacrifice for the island and morphs-shapeshifts into Jacob(like Jacobs enemy morphed into Locke) so we can have the dynamic between Locke and Jack again...then Sawyer and Kate(SKATE)can live happily ever after!!! LOL! I'm just concerned about Penny-Sonya Walger is not in the season 6 poster and this makes me sad-everyone else is there...I was hoping Pen and Des bring Aaron back-stay on the island thinking they will avoid Widmore and Ben and live long and happy lives in the caves to become the "adam and eve" skeletons...all the best-take care-can't wait for Feb 2nd!!! :)

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